Grand Feast

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This quest actually combines several other quests which will be linked here. I'd like to point out that this quest is not worth doing, in any shape or form.

1) This quest starts in Dion in the Warehouse with Warehouse Chief Ranspo. He first tells you to see Guard Harlan.


2) Visit Guard Harlan and do the Fantasy Wine quest. Then go back to Ranspo and choose the wine you received. I had a 30 this time. Then he tells you to find Barbado.

Magnificentfeast4.jpgMagnificentfeast5.jpg Magnificentfeast6.jpgMagnificentfeast7.jpg

3) Do the Jovial Accordion quest then return to Ranspo. There is only one type of music score possible here. Then find Jonas.


4) Do the Adepts of Taste quest then it's back to Ranspo again and tell him which recipe you got. I got the Sauce recipe. Then find Rollant in the Temple.


5) Talk to Rollant and do the Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients quest. Get the recipe and bring it to Ranspo.

6) Now, don't say I didn't warn you. This is the last step and for all your hard work you get an Enchanted Ring (low, low D grade) and 6,900 adena. That was for 30 year old wine and the Sauce recipe.


Oh but it gets better. As you've probably noticed there are two variables in this quest, one is the types of wine, and one is what type of recipe you bring from Jonas. 3 types of both. So here are the other rewards for all types, miserable ones at that.

  • 15 year old wine, Salad recipe: 5,700 adena and Red Crescent Earring (lowest possible D grade)
  • 15 year old wine, Sauce recipe: 1,200 adena and 2 Coral Earrings (top NO GRADE)
  • 15 year old wine, Steak recipe: 8,100 adena, Enchanted Ring.
  • 30 year old wine, Salad recipe: 2 Coral Earrings
  • 30 year old wine, Steak recipe: Necklace of Devotion (lowest D grade)
  • 60 year old wine, Salad recipe: 25,400 adena and Blue Diamond Necklace (top NO GRADE)
  • 60 year old wine, Sauce recipe: 8,500 adena and 2 Rings of Devotion (lowest D grade)
  • 60 year old wine, Steak recipe: 2,200 adena and Enchanted Earring.