Grave Robber Annihilation

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Minimum Level: 20 Party: .
Start Location: Crypts of Disgrace Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Karuda Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Materials

by Elmar

1 This quest can in theory be picked up at level 20, but since the lowest target mobs are lvl 27 I would recommend that solo players should not attempt it before they are level 24. The quest starts with Karuda at the Crypts of Disgrace, so you best combine it with Walk of Fate and/or Ominous News for some extra adena, exp and an EAD scroll.


2 Dwarven grave robbers are plundering the burial grounds of a lost Orc tribe, and to appease the enraged spirits of the dead, the grave robbers must be annihilated. When you agree to help, Karuda wants you to bring back 120 stolen Orc Grave Goods.


3 The main hideout of the grave robbers is south of Karuda's encampment in the Graverobber Hideout, but you will also find them a bit to the west. Kill Grave Robber Lookouts (lvl 27, passive), Grave Robber Scouts (lvl 27, passive), Grave Robber Rangers (lvl 28, passive), Grave Robber Guards (lvl 29, aggressive) and Grave Robber Fighters (lvl 30, passive). Since the Gracia update the quest item acquisistion rate is almost 1/1.



4 When you have 120 Grave Goods, return to Karuda. He will reward you with materials of your choice.


Here a list of the available materials:

  • 30 Varnish
  • 40 Animal Skin
  • 40 Animal Bone
  • 30 Charcoal
  • 30 Coal
  • 30 Iron Ore