Grave Robber Rescue

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Minimum Level: 80 Party: -
Start Location: Mithril Mines Repeatable: yes
Start NPC: Kanemika Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 65,000 adena

1 Start the quest by visiting Grave Robber Leader Kanemika found deep within the Mithril Mines. Make your way through the mine just following the natural path until you get to a pond of water. Kanemika will be located there.

Grave1.jpg Grave2.jpg Grave3.jpg Grave4.jpg

2 Kanemika wants you tell Grave Robber Warriors to migrate and wants proof of doing so. All throughout the Mithril Mines, you will find the Grave Robber Warrior quest mobs. Most rooms have at least 1, and the larger ones have 2. When you find one, talk to it. Grave5.jpg


3 There will be two responses when you do this. The first will be that the Grave Robber Warrior will attack you. When you are attacked, you simply just kill it and do not obtain a quest item. The second response will thank you and then vanish away. This response will get you that quest item; Evidence of Migration.

Grave7.jpg Grave8.jpg Grave9.jpg

4 When you have 10, go back to see Kanemika for your reward,.

Grave10.jpg Grave11.jpg

This quest can only be completed once a day.