Grim Collector

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Minimum Level: 15 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Gludio Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Curtis Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Adena

1 This quest starts in the Town of Gludio with Guard Curtis at the south gate. He tells you to go talk to Samed.

Grimcollector1.jpg Grimcollector2.jpg Grimcollector3.jpg

2 Samed is just around the corner from the south gate. He tells you to go to the Ruins of Despair or Ruins of Agony to get various dead body parts and bones. He makes mention of a complete skeleton but gives you no info on how to go about putting a complete one together.

Grimcollector4.jpg Grimcollector5.jpg Grimcollector6.jpg Grimcollector7.jpg

3 I suggest sticking strictly to the Ruins of Agony for this quest. The mobs in Despair spam cast spells at a brutal rate and it is not a good solo place to be seeing that this quest starts at level 15.

Grimcollector8.jpg Grimcollecto9.jpg Grimcollector10.jpg

There are lots of parts that you can bring back at any time.


4 Now there are two ways to turn these things in. First is to just flat out sell the parts back to Samed.

Grimcollector12.jpg Grimcollector13.jpg

5 OR you can go near the east exit and find Varsak. He can make complete skeletons for you, and there is a chance to fail. I had enough bones for 20 skeletons and he failed 2.

Grimcollector14.jpg Grimcollector15.jpg Grimcollector16.jpg

Varsak failing a skeleton.


6 Then take the leftover bones and zombie parts, with the complete skeleton back to Samed and cash them in. I did two complete levels on this quest and I think you make more money turning in the parts than wasting it completing skeletons.

Detailed turn in amounts by Elmar

  • 1 Zombie Head = 30a
  • 1 Zombie Heart = 20a
  • 1 Zombie Liver = 20a
  • 1 Skull = 100a
  • 1 Rib Bone = 40a
  • 1 Spine = 14a
  • 1 Arm Bone = 14a
  • 1 Thigh Bone = 14a

If you bring in more than 10 pieces, you get a bonus of 1629a

For a complete skeleton you get 341a plus a basic bonus of 543a starting from the very first skeleton.

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