Guardians of the Holy Grail

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Minimum Level: 73 Party: .
Start Location: Rune Township Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Dominic Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: EWS or EAS

by EllieBelly

1 This quest starts in The Einhasad Temple in Rune Township with Priest Dominic. He asks that you hunt all of the mobs in the Monastery of Silence and bring back Monk's Scriptures. He also asks you to help an agent named Gremory escape from the Monastery if possible.

Guardiansoftheholygrail1.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail2.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail3.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail4.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail5.jpg

2 Any of the mobs in the Monastery of Silence work but the drop rate is not 100%. Here are some of them.

Guardiansoftheholygrail6.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail7.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail8.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail9.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail10.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail11.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail28.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail29.jpg

3 There are two parts of this quest. One, you can take the items back to Dominic and receive an adena based reward.

Guardiansoftheholygrail13.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail14.jpg


4 Go to the dead end room on the third floor and on the right side of the room there will be a secret door.


You will need someone with the unlock skill and of course keys, to open it to get in, and to get out because it will shut again. You will find Priest Gremory behind the room. Keep in mind at the lower level upper floors there is a Secret door that opens to nothing. Unless Gremory ports back and forth, I am not sure.

Anyway talk to Gremory for the second branch of the quest.

Guardiansoftheholygrail18.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail19.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail20.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail21.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail22.jpg

5 The Holy Grail is located in the Room of Splendor where the AGGRO raid boss Anais is. You will need splendor keys to get in from the mobs around the area. The Warrior Monk seems to have the highest drop rate for the keys.

Guardiansoftheholygrail16.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail17.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail23.jpg

6 Then back to Gremory where he opens up the option to trade 4,000 Monk's Scriptures for Enchant Weapon S grade or 400 items for a Enchant Armor S grade.

Guardiansoftheholygrail24.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail25.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail26.jpg Guardiansoftheholygrail27.jpg