Heart in Search of Power

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1) This quest starts in the Valley of Saints at the Mysterious Necromancer. He asks that you obtain 300 Beads of Obedience from various types of mobs throughout the valley.

Heartinsearchofpower1.jpg Heartinsearchofpower2.jpg Heartinsearchofpower3.jpg

2) Not all mobs drop the quest item but it appears to be 100% so with steady killing it takes around 2 hours to get 300 items. Here are a few of them. Keep in mind the splitting mobs like Blade of Splendor and Punishment of Splender drop the item for each mob too.

Heartinsearchofpower4.jpg Heartinsearchofpower5.jpg Heartinsearchofpower6.jpg Heartinsearchofpower7.jpg

3) When you have 300 go back to the Mysterious Necromancer. He asks you to find the Enfeux in the valley.

Heartinsearchofpower8.jpg Heartinsearchofpower9.jpg

4) The Enfeux is near the center of the Valley of Saints through the golden curtains under the rock overhang. Speak to it to get the Gem of Saints.

Heartinsearchofpower10.jpg Heartinsearchofpower11.jpg Heartinsearchofpower12.jpg Heartinsearchofpower13.jpg

5) Back at the necromancer he asks you to choose your reward, I chose asofe this time which also gives a small amount of adena as well.

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