Help the Sister!

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1) This quest starts in Giran with Pet Manager Cooper. He asks you to buy a Crafter Dagger which you can get at most Weapon Shops. The price will vary depending on the tax rate but it will be around 380,000 adena.

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After you get the dagger from whatever means (shop, another player, etc) talk to Cooper again. He asks you to hunt Sorrow Maidens and Specters in the Execution Grounds.

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2) Both types of mobs can be found in the same location; at the upper back levels of the Execution Grounds. The drop rate is 100% and you need 30.

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3) Back at Cooper, he sends you to Trader Galladucci.

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4) Galladucci is in the Luxury Shop and sends you back to Cooper.

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5) Cooper gives you a Pet Exchange Ticket:Cougar.

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