Help the Uncle!

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1) This quest starts in Dion near the north exit with Pet Manager Waters. He asks you to buy him a Trident.

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You can pick up one at the store, prices vary due to tax rates but it's around 425,000.


Back ato Waters, he asks you to hunt Monster Eye Gazers and Monster Eye Destroyers. They can be found in the Wastelands or the Plains of Dion, which is closer.

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2) I only ran across the Destroyers at the Plains of Dion, and they are aggro. The drop rate is 100% and you need 30.


3) Back at Lundy, he sends you to Sophya who is in front of the Warrior Guild.

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4) Sophya sends you back to Waters.

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5) Waters gives you a Pet Exchange Ticket: Buffalo.

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