Hidden Truth

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Minimum Level: 63 Party: -
Start Location: Forest of the Dead Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Mysterious Wizard Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: -
Rewards: 3 472 500 exp and 3 291 820 sp

This quest is the first in a chain of five total in and around Rune and the Forest of the Dead. These quests are:

  1. Hidden Truth
  2. Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest
  3. Lidia's Heart
  4. Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
  5. Hiding Behind the Truth

There's a ridiculous amount of dialog in these quests, and although interesting, I'm just going to cover what you need to do to get around.

Some of the questions require specific answers so those will be marked with a yellow square, the others that don't matter you can pick whatever you want, though the dialog may change a bit but doesn't effect the overall steps.

The exp rewards for all these quest have increased a great deal in the GoD Harmony update.

1 Speak to the Mysterious Wizard at the Forest of the Dead port spot.

Thehiddentruth1.jpg Thehiddentruth2.jpg Thehiddentruth3.jpg Thehiddentruth4.jpg

2 Talk to the Tombstone that is at the same spot the wizard is. It will spawn a ghost.

Thehiddentruth5.jpg Thehiddentruth6.jpg Thehiddentruth7.jpg

3 The Ghost of von Hellmann will spawn a guide to take you deeper into the forest. NOTE: in the later updates a lot of terrain seems to be bugged so the ghost gets stuck right after spawning - then just run to the bookshelf without it.

Thehiddentruth8.jpg Thehiddentruth9.jpg Thehiddentruth10.jpg Thehiddentruth11.jpg Thehiddentruth12.jpg Thehiddentruth13.jpg Thehiddentruth14.jpg

4 The Ghost of von Hellmann's Page moves quickly so chase after it. It will move through aggro mobs so be aware.


He will take you to a Broken Bookshelf, talk to it. I started with "examine the padlock" then "take the book".

Thehiddentruth16.jpg Thehiddentruth17.jpg Thehiddentruth18.jpg Thehiddentruth19.jpg Thehiddentruth20.jpg Thehiddentruth21.jpg Thehiddentruth22.jpg Thehiddentruth23.jpg Thehiddentruth24.jpg

Then pick up the cross.

Thehiddentruth25.jpg Thehiddentruth26.jpg

5 It says to go to Priest Innocentin but if you go to him right away he doesn't know what you're about, so go to Rune to the Temple and talk to the Priests there first.

Thehiddentruth27.jpg Thehiddentruth28.jpg Thehiddentruth29.jpg

6 High Priest Innocentin is in the Mystic Guild and sends you to talk to Grand Magister Tifaren who is also in the Mystic Guild and gives you Cross of Einhasad, 3 472 500 exp and 3 291 820 sp. Tifaren will start the 2nd of the 5 quests.

Thehiddentruth30.jpg Thehiddentruth31.jpg Thehiddentruth32.jpg Thehiddentruth33.jpg Thehiddentruth34.jpg Hiddentruth harmony.jpg

Old rewards: