Hiding Behind the Truth

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Minimum Level: 66 Party: -
Start Location: Rune Township Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Benedict Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: Completed Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
Rewards: 1 500 000 adena, 9 080 335 exp and 8 974 020 sp, B-grade jewels

This quest is the last in a chain of five total in and around Rune and the Forest of the Dead. These quests are:

  1. Hidden Truth
  2. Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest
  3. Lidia's Heart
  4. Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
  5. Hiding Behind the Truth

There's a ridiculous amount of dialog in these quests, and although interesting, I'm just going to cover what you need to do to get around.

Some of the questions require specific answers so those will be marked with a yellow square, the others that don't matter you can pick whatever you want, though the dialog may change a bit but doesn't effect the overall steps.

The exp rewards for all these quest have increased a great deal in the GoD Harmony update.

1 This quest starts in Rune in the Temple with Priest Benedict. He sends you to High Priest Agripel who is in the same room.

Hidingbehindthetruth1.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth2.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth3.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth4.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth5.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth6.jpg

2 Agripel sends you to the 'dark Magus'.

Hidingbehindthetruth7.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth8.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth9.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth10.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth11.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth12.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth13.jpg

3 Go to the Mysterious Wizard at the Forest of the Dead port in spot. He tells you to (more or less) find another Broken Bookshelf. Someone really should get on fixing those.

Hidingbehindthetruth14.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth15.jpg

He refers back to the map you got on the 3rd quest, not that it helps really because the bookshelf is random. The first time I did this it was in the spot listed here, the second it was near the circle road.

Lidiasheart4.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth16.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth17.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth18.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth19.jpg

It will spawn a Quest Monster, Triol's Pawn, he should be easy.

Hidingbehindthetruth20.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth21.jpg

Talk to the bookshelf again.

Hidingbehindthetruth22.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth23.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth24.jpg

4 Then go find the Maid of Lidia, who only appears at night (PM) at the vampire Broken Bookshelf. You should know where she is from the last quest, ha ha.

Hidingbehindthetruth36.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth25.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth26.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth27.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth28.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth29.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth30.jpg

5 So Lidia goes crazy and asks you to dig up a corpse which is on the way down to the Fortress of the Dead. Dig at the Tombstone then open the coffin.

Hidingbehindthetruth31.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth32.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth33.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth34.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth35.jpg

6 Go back to Lidia and "wait" a bunch then sends you to the Mysterious Wizard.

Hidingbehindthetruth37.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth38.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth39.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth40.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth41.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth42.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth43.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth44.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth45.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth46.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth47.jpg

7 Talk to the Mysterious Wizard and then go to Agripel back at Rune Temple.

Hidingbehindthetruth48.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth49.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth50.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth51.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth52.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth53.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth54.jpg

8 Agripel gives you an important final branch in the quest which is what person to meet with. I went to meet with Hardin this time, the "mysterious wizard".

Hidingbehindthetruth55.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth56.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth57.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth58.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth59.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth60.jpg

9 I went with Hardin because he's easier to get to. You will receive Earring and Necklace of Blessing, 1 500 000 adena, 9 080 335 exp and 8 974 020 sp

Hidingbehindthetruth61.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth62.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth63.jpg

If you go to Maid of Lidia she gives you the same amount of exp and sp and an Earring of Blessing and two Rings of Blessing.

Hidingbehindthetruth64.jpg Hidingbehindthetruth65.jpg

This quest is the only way in the game to obtain these jewels "of blessing".

New rewards:

Truth harmony.jpg