Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force

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1 This quest starts at the Swamp of Screams port in location from Rune with Mercenary Kahman. He wants you to kill any and all Splinter Stakatos in the Swamp of Screams and bring back 100 items.

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2 The drop rate is not so good, it's about 1 in 5 and you need 100 items. The Stakatos are in the Swamp of Screams of course. The drones will randomly try to go back to a nest to bring hordes of Frenzied Stakatos to kill you so be prepared.

In the past the drones also could stun and bleed and the workers spammed a painful magical attack that could crit quite a bit. This has been changed in Gracia Final and the area is much easier now.

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3 Return to Kahman and give him the 100 items. He then asks you to get 100 more of the same, plus another 100 from the Needle Stakatos which are at the east side of the Swamp.

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4 So you'll need to get 100 items from the same Stakatos noted earlier, plus 100 from the Needle Stakatos. They are higher level than the Splinter Stakatos but otherwise seem to have identical skills.

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5 When you have 200 total go back to Kahman again. You will earn Golden Ram Badge Soldier, which opens more options in the camp for you.


Now you can talk to the Mercenary Medic Selina and buy buffs, once you have earned Golden Ram Coins through the Clean up the Swamp of Screams quest. I bought Focus and it was level 2 and only lasted the regular 20 minutes.


You can also talk to Abercrombie to purchase items, again, when you earn the coins.

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