I Must Be A Genius

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Minimum Level: 70 Party: -
Start Location: Pavel Ruins Repeatable: yes, once per day
Start NPC: Gutenhagen Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Freya
Rewards: XP & SP

1 Talk to Gutenhagen found at the port in tents of Pavel Ruins

Gutenhagen1.jpg Genius1.jpg Genius2.jpg Genius3.jpg Genius4.jpg

2 He asks you to hunt the following mobs. These can be found all around Pavel Ruins. Those located in the pit are not aggressive nor friendly, so don't worry about getting agro there. Around and inside Archaic Laboratory is a different story though. Also, there is a mob called Pavel Safety Device which, at times, when you kill it you will get a spawn of two mobs (although killing the device itself gives no xp or sp, but will give drops). Also, the Cruel Prince Golem and the Drill Golem of Terrors spawn a duplicate of themselves after being killed, so beware of that.

Genius5.jpg Cruelpincergolem.jpg Drillgolemofterror.jpg Boomgolem.jpg Greatchaosgolem.jpg Guardgolem.jpg Microscoutgolem.jpg Scouttypegolem.jpg Pavelsafetydevice.jpg

3 Now, two very important things to also mention. First, the exact number of quest items he requests, Golem Corps Log(s), will change every time you do the quest. He tells you it depends on the day, but even two people doing it at the same time will get a different number to obtain. The second, while you're killing the mobs, some give you the quest item, while some actually take them away. As you're hunting, you will learn quickly of which ones gives and which ones take. The next time you do the quest however, the mobs that give and take could be completely different. It could also be completely different for those in a party with you. This makes it a little difficult as the mobs that are giving you items could be taking them away from your party member. It seems that only one party member will obtain or lose quest items for each mob killed. When you get close to your target number of items, use the mobs that give and take to your advantage. IE: If your target is 561 and you have 564, then kill the mob that has been resulting in a -3 item count. I'm finding the mobs will give you any of the possible intervals of quest items:

  • +1 to +100
  • 0
  • -1 or +1
  • -3 or +3
  • -5 or +5



4 Once you have obtained the exact amount that Gutenhagen had requested, you will automatically receive the Golem Corps Collection quest item.



5 Return to Gutenhagen with this item to obtain your reward. I have included below the amount of exp and sp I received, along with an indication of how much vitality I had at the time if that makes a difference.

Gutenhagen1.jpg Genius10.jpg Genius11.jpg Genius12.jpg Genius13.jpg