In the Forgotten Village

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1) This quest starts in the Cursed Village during game daytime hours, when the villagers are not monsters. Talk to Mina and agree to hunt a whole batch of mobs in the Forest of the Dead for rib bones and livers.

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2) More mob pictures to come but for example, in the requiem groups the Requiem Lords give rib bones and the Behemoth give livers. Anything that looks like a Requiem lord should give the ribs too (bone and skull/maker, collector, snatcher, grinder, etc.)

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3) When you have 200 Rib Bones go back to Mina, again only during game daytime. You cannot get more than 200 but you can get as many livers as you want. 200 Rib Bones will get you 25,000 adena and 305,235 exp.

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Zombie Livers can be traded in for materials.

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