Influx of Machines

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This quest was previously a level 46-54 quest. To view the old quest guide, click here. Discuss or ask questions about this quest

by Irijs (modified by Jayla to accomodate level adjustment from patch)

Minimum Level: 70 Party:
Start Location: Pavel Ruins Repeatable: Yes
Start NPC: Gutenhagen Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Random S Grade Recipe

1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 70 starts in Pavel Ruins with Collector Gutenhagen. He asks that you hunt all of the Golems in the area and bring back 500 Broken Golem Fragments.

Influxofmachines1.jpg Influxofmachines2.jpg Influxofmachines3new.jpg Influxofmachines3anew.jpg

2) The Golems are all aggressive, and are basically found everywhere. The Boom Golem and the Great Chaos Golems are found in the Often those machines have double or triple HP, the Great Chaos Golems are all 4xHP, so be prepared. If you kill the Pavel Safety Device, the Cruel Pincer Golem and the Drill Golem of Terror will both spawn. Both of these also respawn after you've killed them once. Since the quest item acquisition rate is about 1 out of 4, getting 500 items will take some time.

Influxofmachines4new.jpg Influxofmachines5new.jpg Influxofmachines6new.jpg Influxofmachines7new.jpg Influxofmachines6bnew.jpg Influxofmachines7anew.jpg Influxofmachines6cnew.jpg

3) When you have 500 items return to Gutenhagen and receive a random 60% S grade weapon recipe.

Influxofmachines7b.jpg Influxofmachines7cnew.jpg Influxofmachines8new.jpg