Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead

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Minimum Level: 65 Party: -
Start Location: Cursed Village Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Dorian Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: Completed Lidia's Heart
Rewards: Suspicious Totem Doll, 6 191 140 exp and 6 118 650 sp

This quest is the fourth in a chain of five total in and around Rune and the Forest of the Dead. These quests are:

  1. Hidden Truth
  2. Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest
  3. Lidia's Heart
  4. Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead
  5. Hiding Behind the Truth

There's a ridiculous amount of dialog in these quests, and although interesting, I'm just going to cover what you need to do to get around.

Some of the questions require specific answers so those will be marked with a yellow square, the others that don't matter you can pick whatever you want, though the dialog may change a bit but doesn't effect the overall steps.

The exp rewards for all these quest have increased a great deal in the GoD Harmony update.

1 This quest starts in the Cursed Village in the morning (AM) hours of the game only with Dorian. He asks you to place a Flower Bouquet at a tombstone.

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead1.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead2.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead3.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead4.jpg

2 The Tombstone isn't too far form the village, head east and then south. Put the flowers on the grave.

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead5.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead6.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead7.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead8.jpg

3 Go back to Dorian (again only in the AM) and tell him it was Rose in the grave. He asks you to find out what happens to the village at night.

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead9.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead10.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead11.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead12.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead13.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead14.jpg

4 So hang around until after midnight and all the villagers will turn into raid boss minions or other monsters. You will see Dorian and the cross will break. Don't try to "talk" to him because you'll die unless you brought a raid group with you ok?

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead14a.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead14a new.jpg

Then when daylight rolls around again talk to Dorian. In CT2 one of the choices gives the "NO HTML" error.

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead15.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead16.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead17.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead18.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead19.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead20.jpg

5 Then you will need to find the 'maid of the lord' or, Maid of Lidia. Most people probably know this spot as the "broken bookshelf vampire" spot or the "vampire ring". There are a lot of aggro annoying mage vampires there so be careful. And she only appears at night (PM) game time! She tells you to hunt Bone Snatchers, Bone Shapers, Bone Animators, Bone Slayers, Skull Collectors and Skull Animators to get the Suspicious Totem Doll. It should only take a few to do.

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead20.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead21.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead22.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead23.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead24.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead25.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead26.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead27.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead28.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead29.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead30.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead31.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead32.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead33.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead34.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead35.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead36.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead37.jpg

6 I found it easiest to just go back to the port in spot and pick some off, took maybe 5 to get the doll. You have to go back to the Mysterious Wizard after that anyway so may as well go there to hunt them.

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead38.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead39.jpg

7 Talk to the Mysterious Wizard at the Forest of the Dead port in spot.

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead40.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead41.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead42.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead43.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead44.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead45.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead46.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead47.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead48.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead49.jpg

It doesn't matter what choice you pick here. With "You're gathering materials for the dark arts" you get this:

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead49a.gif Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead49b.gif

With "you signed a contract" you get this:

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead50.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead51.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead52.jpg

Then the dialog continues:

Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead53.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead54.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead55.jpg Inhabitantsoftheforestofthedead56.jpg

When he's done talking you will get the Suspicious Totem Doll, 6 191 140 exp and 6 118 650 sp.


New rewards:

Inhabitants harmony.jpg