Intruder Who Wants the Book of Giants

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Minimum Level: 1 Party: -
Start Location: Talking Island Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Pantheon Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Respect Your Elders!
Rewards: Apprentice's Earring, 16000 adena, 7800 exp, and 3500 SP

Pantheon wants you to find a book in the museum related to the Giants so that thieves do not take it.
Intruder1.png Intruder2.png Intruder3.png

He sends you inside the museum, where you need to look for the book. Click on the desks until you find it. There are only four desks. Intruder4.png
When you find the book, two thieves will appear. You will not do much damage to them, but Toyron does. Just hit them and Toyron will aggro to your target (he might run around like an ADD chicken first, but he kills the thieves in one hit).
Talk to Toyron to go back to the lobby.

Intruder6.png Intruder7.png
Go to Pantheon for your reward.