Invention Ambition

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Minimum Level: 18 Party: .
Start Location: Dwarven Village Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Inventor Maru Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Adena

1 This quest starts in Dwarven Village with Inventor Maru. She asks you to bring her Energy Ore from a list of mobs in the Eastern Mining Zone.

Inventionambition1.jpg Inventionambition2.jpg Inventionambition3.jpg Inventionambition4.jpg

2 Basically everything in the area meets her list, so it's an easy quest and the drop rate is high. You can return with any number of items and it's unlimited.

Inventionambition5.jpg Inventionambition6.jpg Inventionambition7.jpg Inventionambition8.jpg Inventionambition9.jpg Inventionambition10.jpg Inventionambition11.jpg Inventionambition12.jpg Inventionambition13.jpg

3 Inventor Maru rewards you with adena based on the amount turned in. Quest is repeatable.