Journey to Gracia

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Minimum Level: 75+ Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Orven Updated to: Gracia-Final
Requirements: -
Rewards: 92,500 adena, 75,480 exp and 7,570 SP

1 Visit High Priest Orven found in the Temple in the town of Aden.


2 In the dialog from the first screen of conversation with him, select "How can I help". Continue along in the conversation. Jtg2.jpg Jtg3.jpg Jtg4.jpg Jtg5.jpg Jtg6.jpg

3 Orven directs you to visit Magister Papiku. She can be found aboard the Gludio Airship port. You can get there for 150K adena by talking to the Gracia Survivor who stands near the gatekeeper in most towns, except Hunters Village, Gludin and starter towns OR you can visit the regular gatekeeper in Gludio or Talking Island and travel there for free.

Jtg8.jpg Jtg7.jpg

4 After speaking with Papiku, walk directly behind her to the Airship Controller. Wait for the ship to arrive and then talk to the controller to board the ship. The ship only lands for a minute a time, so pay attention when you're waiting to board. Also, be careful becuase the ship is not in a peacezone.


5 The ship will take you to Keucerus Alliance Base. Walk straight ahead until you see Admiral Keucereus. Chat with him to finish the quest.

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