Jovial Accordion

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Minimum Level: 15 Party: .
Start Location: Dion Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Barbado Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: Musical Score, Theme of the Feast

1 This quest is entirely based in the town of Dion. It starts with Musician Barbado who is just east of the Magic Shop. He sends you to Bard Swan.


2 Swan is under the tree center of town. He asks you to run some errands for him. There are two locations, one in the Warehouse and one in the Grocery Store.


3 Doesn't matter which one you pick, I started in the Warehouse. Talk to the beer chest and attempt to open it. Oh yes I used the word "attempt". This is because there are two outcomes, one is that the key breaks and vanishes, and one that it works. If the key breaks you need to do the quest again.


If it works you get the stuff.


4 The grocery store chest, try to open it. It fails, or opens. One thing I noted failing this quest three times, is it one chest fails so does the other so if you fail one just start again. Then find Guard Xaber at the North exit.


5 Xaber takes the item. Then go to the Weapons and Armor shop and talk to Trader Sabin.


6 Sabin sends you back to Swan.


7 Swan gives you the incredible fortune of 100 adena. Then go back to Barbado.


8 Barbado gives you the Musical Score, Theme of the Feast.