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The Kamael were born in the Era of Myths. These mysterious creatures have preserved their own unique culture living within the confines of the Isle of Souls, a haven located to the west of the Dark Elven Village. They appeared on the continent under the guidance of Eva and Gran Kain. Unlike the other five races that were created by gods, the Kamael were created by the Giants, through genetic manipulation, for the purpose of battling against some unknown creatures. They are born into their destined religion that serves an absolute ruler called the “Mother Nornil”. Under the Mother Nornil, they devote their faith in the Iconic Trinity: the Goddess of Past, who rules history, the Goddess of Present, who records everything happening at this moment, and the Goddess of Future, who forecasts what’s to come.

The Isle of Souls was a genetic laboratory of the Giants, located at a safe distance from their capital, Arvitaire, where the Kamael were created under Head Scientist Nornil; some people believe that Mother Nornil is now a huge AI that controls all the technical aspects of the island. On creation of the Kamael there were two "versions" - the Common Kamael and the Spicula. The Spicula have three Heroes - Katenar, Harkilgamend and Rodenpicula (who is the only female Spicula Hero).

Today the political system of the Kamael is a militaristic-fascistoid theocracy, with a Hierarch ("Head Priest") at the top, who is assisted by several Vice Hierarchs.


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