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Reseachers at Ivory Tower believe that Kamaloka, the world of passion, disorder and chaos, is the result of another dimension overlapping Aden. It is similiar to the Dimensional Rift. The Kamaloka cannot be entered alone, and no more than 6 at a time may join in. The Kamaloka may be entered once per day, as the priests say the spirits need time to recover from the journey across worlds. Kamaloka is an Instanced Dungeon so you can type /instancezone to find out if you have any restrictions in effect. Characters must be within 5 levels of the Kamaloka's level to enter.

Each town has a person that can grant access to the Kamaloka.

Captain Bathis of Gludio (levels 23, 26, 29)

Captain Lucas of Dion (levels 33, 36, 39)

Captain Gosta of Heine (levels 43, 46, 49)

Captain Mouen of Oren {levels 53, 56, 59)

Captain Vishotsky of Schuttgart (levels 63, 66, 69)

Captain Mathias of Rune (levels 73, 78, 81)

There are two kinds of Kamalokas - Hall of Abyss and Labyrinth of Abyss. First one is the "usual" with one room and the mob in there (sometimes with minions), the second one is a breakthrough raid with sets of mobs you have to kill and finally a boss. If the Hall type can be done in duo with sufficent damage, the Labyrith needs a good party with fast damage output as the time limit is pretty tight. In some it's good to have a dagger to lure the mobs from group if you're not strong enough to have all of them attack you together. In some there are golem-like mobs that are too slow so you'll spend too much time waiting for it to get to safe distance from the others.

Hall of Abyss mobs have various qualifiers as well - in Heine the lv 43 mob starts spawning minions that heal him and the best strategy seems to have someone keep them slept (in the end there will be 4 minions) because killing them is not very much help in the long run. They don't attack you, just heal the boss up real fast. Heine lv 46 mob has no minions but the boss itself casts paralyze on you. It doesn't last long and while in effect you don't take damage nor can get healed. Oren lv 53 has one minion spawning every now and then, sneaking close to mage/healer classes and then exploding. Takes about half of your HP (depending on how good your resists are). Oren lv 56 spawns up to four minions who start chasing random party members by shouting out their name. No point in trying to kill them, just kite a little and they leave you alone.

You can take a quest called "Mutated Kaneus" from the NPC at entrance, basically they are all the same - you have to kill both Hall-type Kamaloka mobs in the respective range (43 and 46 for Heine and so on) and talk to some other NPC to get a small reward in cash.


Mutated Kaneus - Dion
Mutated Kaneus - Gludio
Mutated Kaneus - Heine
Mutated Kaneus - Oren
Mutated Kaneus - Rune
Mutated Kaneus - Schuttgart