Lanosco's Special Bait

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts in the Town of Dion in the Grocery Store with Fishing Guild Member Lanosco. He asks that you go to Windy Hill and hunt Singing Winds and bring back 100 Essence of Wind.

Lanoscosspecialbait1.jpg Lanoscosspecialbait2.jpg Lanoscosspecialbait3.jpg

2) Windy Hill which you can port to from Gludin Village is home to quite a few "wind" mobs. The singing winds are aggro, cast wind nukes, and wind shackle. The large wind mobs will randomly cast Sleep as you run past but will not aggro unless you attack or social aggro them. The drop rate isn't very good, probably 1/5.


3) When you have 100 items go back to Lanosco and receive 4 Wind Fishing Lures.

Lanoscosspecialbait5.jpg Lanoscosspecialbait6.jpg