Light Within the Darkness

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Minimum Level: 70 Party: Yes
Start Location: Fortress Repeatable: Every 4 hours
Start NPC: Detention Camp Warden Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 152 epaulettes

1) The quest starts at Detention Camp Warden in fortress. You need to have Awl Under Foot registered as well even though it's a separate quest for the other dungeon. But seems you cannot get in unless you have both. When porting in be careful to what link you are following - for this one you have to pick "I heard a rumour about Rim Pailaka".




2) Once inside, buff up. Necros and summoners can have pet out before entering, it's especially important for necros since there's no mob to kill to get the pet out before the raid minions start to approach. You can use one of those of course but then you'll lose time to buff the pet separately. The levels of the mobs are different, getting higher with every stage. They are technically raid bosses so you will get raid penalty if you're too high level - only instead of silence or paralyze you just lose buffs. So keep that in mind when setting up the party. You have a limited amount of time for each wave so try to kill them as fast as possible to gain time for MP regen in between. When you start killing the twin bosses you get a timer message saying you have 10 minutes until the end.

First wave: Kanadis Guide (lvl 69), several Kanadis Followers (lvl 67)
Second wave: Kanadis Guide (lvl 72), several Kanadis Followers (lvl 70)


Third wave: Twin Kanadis Guides (lvl 75), several Kanadis Followers (lvl 73)


The bosses don't have skills but they have a bit different attributes:


3) The NPCs at the bottom of the ramp can buff you, each one has different buff. You can only have one at the time so stand close to the one whose buff you want and try to trigger it by interacting with the NPC. Or just wait for the mobs to spawn, once you start fighting you should get the buff from the one which is closest to you.


The main thing is that the NPCs must NOT DIE or the instance is terminated. They don't get beaten up too easily but still you should try to keep the boss mobs from hitting them, and have your healer check on them every now and then. From what our cardinal said the skill that worked best was restore life - they apparently have lots of HP so normal heal didn't move the bar much. Probably the safest way to do it is to keep the mobs far enough so they won't get to melee hit the NPCs but are still close enough for the ranger and mage to deal damage and help you kill them faster.


4) Each boss has raid-type rewards and you also get vitality points and raid points. Never mind the baskets listed in the drop images - took them with the Rudolf event in effect. Speaking of which - even though the Rudolf pet doesn't get aggro normally from mobs, for some odd reason it did annoy the ranger NPC so when we were sitting and waiting for the next wave the archer was still shooting Rudolf.


5) When the twins are dead, NPCs alive and you haven't run out of time you're done with success! Talk to any of the NPCs and have them port you outside (or wait for the timer to kick you). Collect reward from the Warden and I'd suggest retake the quest right away so you'll have it ready for the next time. The instance is restarted in 4 hours. Use /instancezone to find out.