Light and Darkness

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Minimum Level: 61 Party: .
Start Location: Hierarch Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Valley of Saints Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 697,040 exp and 54,887 sp

1 This quest starts with Hierarch who is in the Valley of Saints in the cave in the green valley near the Rune Township port in spot. It should be noted that there are several NPCs called Hierarch and any one will do. He gives you the Blood of Saints to carry to 4 Altar of Saints.

Lightanddarkness1.jpg Lightanddarkness2.jpg Lightanddarkness3.jpg Lightanddarkness4.jpg

2 All the altars are called the same thing, which is "Altar of Saints" Here is the first one. Please note that the order may vary since the quest can be started from any of the same "Hierarch".

Lightanddarkness5.jpg Lightanddarkness6.jpg Lightanddarkness7.jpg Lightanddarkness8.jpg

3 And the second one. This one is not on the upper ridge of the valley just in case you were traveling that way.

Lightanddarkness9.jpg Lightanddarkness10.jpg Lightanddarkness11.jpg

4 The third one is across the valley from where you were.

Lightanddarkness12.jpg Lightanddarkness13.jpg Lightanddarkness14.jpg

5 And the last one is again across the valley from where the third one was.

Lightanddarkness15.jpg Lightanddarkness16.jpg Lightanddarkness17.jpg

6 Then go back to Hierarch and he rewards you with 697,040 exp and 54,887 sp.