Little Wing's Big Adventure

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This Quest evolves a Level 55 Hatchling into a Level 55 Strider. It can be done solo or in group and Level 45 is required for this Quest. You must have a Dragonflute of Star, Dragonflute of Twilight or Dragonflute of Wind at level 55. Note: This Quest is repeatable.

1. Talk to Elder Cronos in Hunters Village. He will send you to Fairy Mimyu in The Enchanted Valley. Strider00.jpg Strider001.jpg


2. Talk to Mimyu who orders you to summon your hatchling and then tells you about 4 Fairy Trees that are protected by Soul of Tree Guardians. Mimyu will give you 4 Fairy Leaves. She wants you to have your Hatchling drink the Sap of these 4 trees. The trees are all at the foot of the Mountains arround the Hunter`s Fortress.

Strider02.jpg Strider03.jpg

3. The first tree i started with was the Fairy Tree of Twilight. Let your Hatchling drink the sap of the Fairy Tree of Twilight by letting it attack the tree. The Guardians will start attacking your pet so take them out quickly and have your Hatchling healed.

It`s important not kill the tree itself or you and your Hatchling will get killed by a massive spawn of Tree Guardians. It will take some time until a Fairy Leaf disappears. The tree can be healed if necessary but you will flag. When a leaf has disappeared move on to the next Tree.

The other trees are: Fairy Tree of Star, Fairy Tree of Wind, Fairy Tree of Abyss.



5. When your Hatchling has consumed sap of all Fairy Trees head back to Mimyu.


6. Talk Mimyu. Now you will have to unsummon your Hatchling and she will take your Dragonflute and exchange it for a Dragon Bugle.