Lizardmen's Conspiracy

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Minimum Level: 25 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Gludio Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Praga Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 42,000 SP

by Elmar

1 This quest, which can be picked up at level 25, starts with Guard Praga at the west gate of Town of Gludio.


2 New information about the Maille Lizardmen has come up. Agree to bring Magister Rohmer the report.


3 Magister Rohmer is in the Einhasad Temple in the northern part of the town.


4 The Maille Lizardmen have found a way to control Araneid spiders via magical gemstones. They themselves carry white Shining Gems and the "receivers" implanted in the spiders are Shining Red Gems. Rohmer needs 50 of each. What the dialogue screen says about "giant spiders" is wrong. There are in fact Giant Araneids roaming the area, but those don't give the quest item. You want the King of the Araneid, as the quest screen says halfways correctly.


5 As Rohmer said, the monsters you need can be found some distance north of the road. For the white Gems kill Maille Lizardman Warriors (lvl 26, passive), Maille Lizardman Shamans (lvl 28, passive) and Maille Lizardman Matriarchs (lvl 30, aggressive). The Red Gems you get from Poison Araneids (lvl 25, passive; bring simple Antidote) and Kings of the Araneid (lvl 27, aggressive). All of the Lizardmen and Araneids are half HP and the quest item acquisition rate is good.



6 When you have 50 of each sort of Gem, return to Magister Rohmer. He will reward you with 42,000 sp, no exp though. Unlike other quests with this kind of reward, "Lizardmen's Conspiracy" is infinitely repeatable.