Lost Dream

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Minimum Level: 42 Party: .
Start Location: Town of Giran Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Kusto Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 109,427 adena, 309,467 exp and 20,614 SP

1) This quest, a sequel to Nikola's Heart, can be picked up at level 42 from Head Blacksmith Kusto in Giran.

Lostdream1.jpg Lostdream2.jpg

2) Kusto has succeeded in accessing the data on the Metallograph and found out that it contains a log from a research project about the Cruma, giant tortoises born at the creation of the world. Kusto wants you to find the Elven Magister Juris and ask her about the last Cruma.

Lostdream3.jpg Lostdream4.jpg

3) Head Blacksmith Kusto says that Juris can be very difficult to find, but since her location is marked by a pin on your minimap, it should be no problem to seek her out in the Magic Guild.

Lostdream5.jpg Lostdream6.jpg

4) Juris tells you that the Cruma are an extinct species. The last of them had fought alongside the Elves in their war against the Humans and died during a valiant rearguard action in the place now known as the Sea of Spores so that the Elves could retreat to their forest.

Lostdream7.jpg Lostdream8.jpg Lostdream9.jpg

5) Return to Head Blacksmith Kusto and tell him what you have learned from Juris. Kusto had already suspected that the Cruma are extinct. Since there is no money to be made from pure academic research he asks you to tell Lorain that her job is finished.

Lostdream10.jpg Lostdream11.jpg

6) Researcher Lorain is still where you left her, near the entrance of the Cruma Tower.

Lostdream12.jpg Lostdream13.jpg

7) Lorain accepts that the research has been halted and sends you to Nikola to tell him that she is not angry with him any more.


8) You will probably remember where Maestro Nikola is, otherwise he is marked on the map.

Lostdream15.jpg Lostdream16.jpg

9) Nikola is also willing to make his peace with Lorain. You have done a good deed. Now return to Head Blacksmith Kusto in Giran for your reward.

Lostdream17.jpg Lostdream18.jpg

10) If you are between level 42 and 47 Kusto will give you 109,427 adena, 309,467 exp and 20,614 SP. If you are level 48 or above you will only get the adena reward.