Lucien's Altar

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Minimum Level: 80 Party: -
Start Location: Schuttgart Repeatable: yes (daily quest)
Start NPC: Daichir Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Rewards: 13 773 960 xp, 16 232 820 SP, 742 800 adena

1 Visit Priest of the Earth Daichir located next to hero monument in Schuttgart (location changed after GoD update, he used to be in Dwarven Village).

Daichir1.jpg Altar1.jpg Altar2.jpg

2 He hands you a Replenished Power Bead and tells you to visit 5 altars found in the Mithril Mines.


3  If you make your way through the mines, you will come across each of them. Here are some screenshots to give you an idea of where to find them. From each, you will obtain a Discharged Power Bead.


Altar4.jpg Altar7.jpg Altar9.jpg Altar10.jpg Altar11.jpg

Altar5.jpg Altar8.jpg Altar6.jpg

4 After you obtain 5 Discharged Power Beads, head back to see Daichir and he will reward you with 13 773 960 xp, 16 232 820 SP and 742 800 adena.

Luciens altar.jpg

Old rewards:

Daichir1.jpg Altar12.jpg Altar13.jpg