Magical Power of Fire - Part 1

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Minimum Level: 74 Party: -
Start Location: Naran Ashanuk Repeatable: Yes
Start NPC: Varka Silenos Outpost Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Alliance with the Varka Silenos level 1 or higher
Rewards: Divine Stone of Wisdom

1 Talk to Naran Ashanuk at the port spot of Varka Silenos Outpost and take the quest. He will send you to talk to Udan Mardui inside the camp. At this level of alliance the Varka mobs do not aggro you any more so it's a safe walk inside. Don't forget that you're not allowed to harm any Varka mobs or you'll lose your alliance. The quest window also has a reminder about that.
Magical fire01.jpg Magical fire02a.jpg

2 He is in the back side of the camp with some tents and other NPC's. The map has a yellow pin as well but it doesn't help much as the camp is separated into smaller areas and there are mountains. Keep to your right when you enter the camp and then take left and cross two stone bridges (basically same as going to the dragon in Pailaka quest).
Magical fire03.jpg

3 Like always he asks you for just a small favour before he provides what you need. This involves stealing therefore you must not be seen - meaning no direct contact with the mobs; you cannot blast into the camp killing everything in sight. If this happens the quest is cancelled. Also go buy a thief key from town grocery since you will need it to open the box.
Magical fire04.jpg

4 Asefa is located in the Ketra Orc Outpost and the box is behind the structure he is standing at.

Magical fire05.jpg

Talk to the box and it will use the thief key automatically when you click on "Try to open it" in the NPC dialogue. You will get a stolen red totem (isn't it rather obvious since you just stole it...) which you need to take to Udan Mardui. NOTE: if you get aggroed by mobs before obtaining the totem you will have a debuff on your bar and opening the box will tell you it's empty. So you need to go back to Udan Mardui and redo this part.
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5 He gives you the Divine Stone of Wisdom and a Red Totem which you can use to summon the raid boss Soul of Fire Nastron in the second part of this quest. This is not needed for your third class.
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