Make Formal Wear

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Minimum Level: 60 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Alexis Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Rewards: Formal Wear

Materials Needed The following materials will be needed to make your way through obtaining your formal wear.

1 Start by talking to Trader Alexis found in the Accessory Shop of Aden.

Alexis1.jpg Formal1.jpg Formal2.jpg

2 She's of no help and sends you over to see Main Leikar, also found in Aden just outisde of the Weapon's and Armor Shop.

Leikar1.jpg Formal3.jpg Formal4.jpg

3 Leikar hands you a Signet Ring and asks you to give it to Chef Jeremy in exchange for cookies.


Jeremy1.jpg Formal5.jpg Formal6.jpg

3 Jeremy sends you to see Information Broker Mist in order to obtain Luxury Wine.

Mist1.jpg Formal7.jpg Formal8.jpg Luxurywine.jpg

4 Once you obtain the wine, head back to Jeremy. He will trade the wine for cookies.

Jeremy1.jpg Formal9.jpg Formal10.jpg

5 Go back to Leikar and hand her the cookies. She then describes a series of 3 quests to complete. They are:

Leikar1.jpg Formal11.jpg Formal12.jpg

6 Once all three quests are complete, go back and see Maid Leikar. She takes all the items obtained from these quests and then tells you about one last additional quest:

Leikar1.jpg Formal15.jpg Formal13.jpg Formal14.jpg

7 Once this final quest is complete, go back once again to Main Leikar. She will reward you with Formal Wear! Congratz.

Formal16.jpg Formal17.jpg Formal18.jpg Formal19.jpg Formal20.jpg