Make a Pair of Dress Shoes

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Minimum Level: 60 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Radia Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Make Formal Wear
Rewards: Dress Shoe Box for formal wear

Pre-Step In order to start this quest, you must have started the quest called Make Formal Wear. At Step 6, you will be given instructions to start this quest.

1 Visit Trader Woodley who is located in the Weapon & Armor Shop of Aden.

Woodley1.jpg Shoes1.jpg Shoes2.jpg

2 He tells you to talk to Leikar to get some fabric so that he knows what color to match the shoes to. She stands just outside of the room where Woodley is standing.

Leikar1.jpg Shoes3.jpg Shoes4.jpg

3 Leikar Tells you that she doesn't have any fabric left to give and to let Woodley know he can use the same colors as last time. He understands, but then asks for you to obtain some materials in order to make the shoes. He needs 200 leather and 600 thread.

Woodley1.jpg Shoes5.jpg Shoes6.jpg

4 Once you obtain the material, hand it over to Woodley.

Shoes7.jpg Shoes8.jpg

5 He then asks for you to visit Trader Ian who is found in the Underground Shopping level of Ivory Tower and hand him over 300,000 adena.

Ian1.jpg Shoes9.jpg Shoes10.jpg

5 Back to Woodley now. He is done with your shoes. They are put in a box and handed to you.

Woodley1.jpg Shoes11.jpg Shoes12.jpg Shoes13.jpg Shoes14.jpg

Return Return to Step 6 of the Make Formal Wear quest.