Make a Sewing Kit

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Minimum Level: 60 Party: -
Start Location: Aden Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Ferris Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Make Formal Wear
Rewards: Sewing Kit for formal wear

Pre-Step In order to start this quest, you must have started the quest called Make Formal Wear. At Step 5, you will be given instructions to start this quest.

1 Start by visiting Head Blacksmith Ferris found in the Blacksmith in Aden.

Ferris1.jpg Sewing1.jpg Sewing2.jpg

2 Ferris asks you to kill Enchanted Iron Golems and bring back 5 Enchanted Iron quest items. These mobs can be found in the pit outside and below Ivory Tower. There are similar looking mobs out there called Enchanted Stone Golems, however these will not give the required items.

Sewing3.jpg Sewing4.jpg

3 Once you obtain all 5 items, go back to visit Ferris. He will take the items and then request 10 Artisan's Frames and 10 Oriharukons

Ferris1.jpg Sewing5.jpg Sewing6.jpg

4 Hand these items over and Ferris will give in return a Sewing Kit.

Sewing7.jpg Sewing8.jpg

Return Return to Step 5 of the Make Formal Wear quest.