Making the Harvest Grounds Safe

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1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 21, starts with Warehouse Keeper Norman in Gludin Village.


2) Norman tells you that the Iron Gate Guild is participating in the reconstruction work after the war with Gracia. But there are monsters infesting the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds where the timber needed for those projects is grown. Agree to help Norman, whereupon he will ask you to kill Giant Poison Bees, Cloudy Beasts and Young Araneids.


3) You will find these monsters where the marker is on your map and a bit further south, always on the west side of the street. The lvl 21 Giant Poison Bees are passive but social with their own kind, the lvl 22 Cloudy Beasts and lvl 23 Young Araneids are aggressive. Bees and Araneids are poisonous, so bring Antidote. The simple, leafy sort will be sufficient. The quest item acquisition rate is about 1 for every 2 mobs killed.

Makingtheharvestgroundssafe5.jpgMakingtheharvestgroundssafe6.jpg Makingtheharvestgroundssafe7.jpgMakingtheharvestgroundssafe8.jpg

4) You can kill as many monsters as you like, but since there is a bonus of 2871a for 10 quest items (no matter which kind, also mixed) you can maximize your income if you return then - walking, not by Scroll of Escape! The reward for a single Bee Sting is 57a, for a Cloudy Gem 56a and for an Araneid Talon 60a. The quest is infinitely repeatable.

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