Master Quest List By Level

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Level Quest Name Repeat Contact NPC
None A Clan's Fame Repeatable Valdis
None A Clan's Prestige Repeatable Valdis
None A Clan's Reputation Repeatable Sir Eric Rodemai
None A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts Repeatable Messenger at Beast Farm
None Blood Offering Repeatable None
None Competition for the Bandit Stronghold Repeatable Messenger
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Aden Repeatable Logan
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Dion Repeatable Grosby
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Giran Repeatable Saul
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Gludio Repeatable Saius
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Goddard Repeatable Alfred
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Innadril Repeatable Neurath
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Oren Repeatable Brasseur
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Rune Repeatable Frederick
None Path to Becoming a Lord - Schuttgart Repeatable August
None Proof of Clan Alliance Repeatable Sir Kristof Rodemai
None Pursuit of Clan Ambition! Repeatable Sir Gustav Athebaldt
None Repent Your Sins Repeatable Black Judge
None To the Isle of Souls One-time Galladucci
1-80 Quest for Fishing Shot Repeatable Fishing Guild Member
2 Supply Check One-time Marcela
2-5 Deliver Goods One-time Arnold
2-5 Letters of Love One-time Darin
2-5 Long live the Pa'agrio Lord! One-time Nakusin
2-5 Mass of Darkness One-time Undrias
2-5 Miner's Favor One-time Bolter
2-5 What Women Want One-time Arujien
2-7 Sacrifice to the Sea One-time Rockswell
3 The Food Chain Repeatable Bixon
3-6 Deliver Supplies One-time Jenna
3-6 Find Sir Windawood One-time Abellos
3-7 Fruit of the Mothertree One-time Andellia
3-7 Nerupa's Request One-time Nerupa
3-7 Shilen's Hunt One-time Nelsya
3-8 Pleas of Pixies Repeatable Pixy Murika
3-9 Bring Wolf Pelts Repeatable Lector
3-9 Keen Claws Repeatable Payne
3-10 Into the City of Humans One-time Petukai
3-10 Into the Dark Forest One-time Galladucci
3-10 Into the World One-time Balanki
3-10 New Horizons One-time Zenya
3-10 Once More In the Arms of the Mothertree One-time Galladucci
3-10 Step into the Future One-time Roxxy
3-10 The Road Home One-time Galladucci
3-10 To Talking Island One-time Galladucci
3-10 To the Immortal Plateau One-time Galladucci
4-8 Proof of Valor Repeatable Rukain
4-8 Revenge of the Redbonnet Repeatable Maryse Redbonnet
4-9 Wrath of Verdure Repeatable Treant Bremec
5-9 Recover Smuggled Goods One-time Wilford
5-16 Wrath of Ancestors Repeatable Livina
5-18 Brigands Sweep Repeatable Spiron
6 Head for the Hills! Repeatable Marcela
6-11 Bonds of Slavery Repeatable Kristin
6-14 Invaders of the Holy Land Repeatable Varkees
6-15 The Hidden Veins Repeatable Filaur
6-16 Orc Hunting Repeatable Rayen
6-16 The Guard is Busy Repeatable Gilbert
8-13 Collect Spores Repeatable Herbiel
8-16 Orc Subjugation Repeatable Kayleen
8-16 Trade with the Ivory Tower Repeatable Vollodos
9-16 Sword of Solidarity One-time Roien
9-18 Skirmish with the Werewolves Repeatable Brukurse
10 Invention Ambition Repeatable Inventor Maru
10 The Way of the Warrior One-time Kekropus
10-14 Collect Arrowheads Repeatable Minia
10-14 Jumble, Tumble, Diamond Fuss One-time Gouph
10-15 Forgotten Truth One-time Thifiell
10-15 Skirmish with the Orcs One-time Kendell
10-15 Spirit of Mirrors One-time Gallint
10-16 Covert Business Repeatable Keef
10-16 Merciless Punishment One-time Hatos
10-17 Shards of Golem One-time Harrys
10-17 Spirit of Craftsman One-time Karrod
10-18 Bones Tell the Future Repeatable Kaitar
11-15 Dark Winged Spies Repeatable Tantus
11-15 Dreaming of the Skies Repeatable Arin
11-15 Legacy of the Poet One-time Starden
11-18 Muertos Feather Repeatable Trevor
11-18 Scent of Death Repeatable Minaless
12 Go Get the Calculator Repeatable Brunon
12-18 Protect the Water Source One-time Asterios
12-18 Sea of Spores Fever One-time Alberius
12-21 Curse of the Fortress One-time Unoren
15 Bard's Mandolin Repeatable Swan
15 Dwarven Kinship One-time Carlon
15 Get a Pet Repeatable Martin
15 Jovial Accordion Repeatable Barbado
15 Sorrowful Sound of Flute Repeatable Nanarin
15 The Few, the Proud, the Brave Repeatable Perwan
15 Traces of Evil Repeatable Kunai
15-19 Millennium Love One-time Lilith
15-20 Offspring of Nightmares One-time Vlasty
15-21 Collector's Dream Repeatable Alshupes
15-21 Cure for Fever Disease One-time Elias
15-21 Gatekeeper's Favor Repeatable Wirphy
15-21 Gatekeeper's Offering Repeatable Tamil
15-21 Request from the Farm Owner Repeatable Edmond
15-21 Tarantula's Spider Silk Repeatable Mion
15-21 Totem of the Hestui Repeatable Tanapi
15-26 Grim Collector Repeatable Curtis
16-26 Will the Seal be Broken One-time Talloth
17-20 Iconic Trinity Repeatable Kekropus
17-21 Into the Large Cavern One-time Kekropus
17-21 New Recruits One-time Kekropus
17-21 Subjugation of Lizardmen Repeatable Weisz
17-23 Crystals of Fire and Ice Repeatable Katerina
17-23 Fabulous Feathers Repeatable Erinu
18 Path of the Artisan One-time Silvera
18 Mutated Kaneus - Gludio One-time Bathis
18 Path of the Assassin One-time Triskel
18 Path of the Human Cleric One-time Zigaunt
18 Path of the Dark Wizard One-time Varika
18 Path of the Elven Knight One-time Sorius
18 Path of the Elven Oracle One-time Manuel
18 Path of the Elven Scout One-time Reisa
18 Path of the Elven Wizard One-time Rosella
18 Path of the Human Knight One-time Sir Klaus Vasper
18 Path of the Human Wizard One-time Parina
18 Path of the Monk One-time Gantaki zu Urutu
18 Path of the Orc Raider One-time Karukia
18 Path of the Orc Shaman One-time Tataru Zu Hestui
18 Path of the Palus Knight One-time Virgil
18 Path of the Rogue One-time Bezique
18 Path of the Shillien Oracle One-time Sidra
18 Path of the Trooper One-time Gwain
18 Path of the Warder One-time Sione
18 Path of the Warrior One-time Auron
18 Path to become a Scavenger One-time Pippi
18-23 Catch the Wind Repeatable Rizraell
18-23 Sweetest Venom Repeatable Astaron
18-24 Destroy Plague Carriers Repeatable Ellenia
19-29 Dragon Fangs One-time Luis
19-40 The Leader and the Follower One-time Newyear
19-40 To Lead and Be Led One-time Pinter
20 In Search of Fragments of Dimension Repeatable Dimensional Gate Keeper
20 Into the Dimensional Rift Repeatable None
20-24 Hunting for Wild Beasts Repeatable Pano
20-25 Fantasy Wine Repeatable Harlan
20-28 Red-Eyed Invaders One-time Babenco
20-30 Grand Feast Repeatable Ranspo
20-33 Grave Robber Annihilation Repeatable Karuda
20-36 Ominous News One-time Moira
20-36 Walk of Fate One-time Livina
20-75 Yoke of the Past Repeatable Gatekeeper Ziggurat
21 Making the Harvest Grounds Safe Repeatable Norman
21-26 Blood Fiend Repeatable Creamees
21-26 Dangerous Seduction One-time Vellior
21-26 Seed of Evil One-time Biotin
21-30 Vanquish Remnants Repeatable Leopold
21-32 Sense for Business Repeatable Sarien
24 Help the Son! One-time Lundy
24-29 Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients Repeatable Rollant
24-34 Adepts of Taste Repeatable Jonas
25 Help the Uncle! One-time Waters
25-34 Lizardmen's Conspiracy Repeatable Praga
25-34 Recover the Farmland Repeatable Piotur
25-37 Collector of Jewels Repeatable Nell
25-39 Hunt of the Black Lion Repeatable Sophya
26 Help the Sister! One-time Cooper
26 I'd Rather Be Collecting Fairy Breath Repeatable Galatea
26 Runaway Youth Repeatable Ivan
27-29 Chest caught with a bait of Wind One-time Lanosco
27-29 Lanosco's Special Bait One-time Lanosco
27-32 Acts of Evil One-time Alvah
28 Mutated Kaneus - Dion One-time Lukas
28-42 An Elder Sows Seeds Repeatable Casian
30 A Looter and a Railroad Man Repeatable Obi
30 Aiding the Floran Village Repeatable Maria
30 Beyond the Hills of Winter Repeatable Filaur
30 The Wishing Potion Repeatable Matild
31-36 Birthday Party Song Repeatable Octavia
32-36 Black Swan Repeatable Gosta
32-39 Arrow of Vengeance Repeatable Belton
33-38 Curiosity of a Dwarf Repeatable Rolento
34-39 Leto Lizardmen Hunting Repeatable Rath
34-40 Gather Ingredients for Pie Repeatable Emily
35 Little Wing Repeatable Cooper
35 Temple Champion I One-time Sylvain
35 Temple Executor One-time Shegfield
35 Temple Missionary One-time Glyvka
35 Trial of Duty One-time Hannavalt
35 Trial of the Challenger One-time Kash
35 Trial of the Guildsman One-time Valkon
35 Trial of the Pilgrim One-time Santiago
35 Trial of the Scholar One-time Mirien
35 Trial of the Seeker One-time Dufner
35-42 Method to Raise the Dead Repeatable Dorothy
35-59 Song of the Hunter Repeatable Grey
36 Temple Champion II One-time Sylvain
36 Wild Maiden Repeatable Suki
36-38 Chest caught with a bait of Icy Air One-time O'Fulle
36-38 O'Fulle's Special Bait One-time O'Fulle
36-42 Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire One-time Inspector Adler
36-48 Trespassing into the Holy Ground Repeatable Restina
36-49 Family Honor Repeatable Galibredo
37 Shadow Fox I One-time Mia
37 Shadow Fox II One-time Kluck
37 Shadow Fox III One-time Natools
37 Testimony of Fate One-time Kaira
37 Testimony of Glory One-time Vokian
37 Testimony of Life One-time Cardien
37 Testimony of Prosperity One-time Parman
37 Testimony of Trust One-time Hollint
37-47 Electrifying Recharge! Repeatable Lorain
38 Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn One-time Natools
38 Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk One-time Natools
38 Mutated Kaneus - Heine One-time Gosta
38-43 Wedding March Repeatable Kantabilon
38-49 Conquest of Alligator Island Repeatable Kluck
39 A Broken Dream Repeatable Ghost of a Railroad Engineer
39 Certified Arbalester One-time Rindy
39 Certified Berserker One-time Orkurus
39 Certified Soulbreaker One-time Vitus
39 Good Work's Reward One-time Daeger
39 Test of Magus One-time Rukal
39 Test of Sagittarius One-time Bernard
39 Test of the Champion One-time Ascalon
39 Test of the Duelist One-time Kaien
39 Test of the Healer One-time Bandellos
39 Test of the Lord One-time Kakai
39 Test of the Maestro One-time Lockirin
39 Test of the Reformer One-time Pupina
39 Test of the Searcher One-time Luther
39 Test of the Summoner One-time Galatea
39 Test of the War Spirit One-time Somak
39 Test of Witchcraft One-time Orim
39 The Ocean of Distant Stars One-time Abey
39-44 Help Rood Raise a New Pet! Repeatable Rood
39-56 Devil's Legacy Repeatable Randolf
40-47 Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower Repeatable Cema
40 A Special Order One-time Helvetia
40 Art of Persuasion One-time Nikola
40 Deny Blessings Repeatable None
40 Destroy Key Targets Repeatable None
40 For the Sake of the Territory One-time Territory Manager
40 Make Spears Dull Repeatable None
40 Nikola's Cooperation - Consideration One-time Nikola
40 Path to Becoming a Top Elite Mercenary One-time None
40 Path to Becoming an Elite Mercenary One-time None
40 Pierce Through A Shield Repeatable None
40 Protect the Economic Association Leader Repeatable None
40 Protect the Military Association Leader Repeatable None
40 Protect the Religious Association Leader Repeatable None
40 Protect the Supplies Safe Repeatable None
40 Protect the territory catapult! Repeatable None
40 Relic Exploration One-time Kusto
40 Weaken Magic Repeatable None
40-47 Alligator Hunter Repeatable Enverun
40-51 Signs of Revolt Repeatable Torrant
40-52 Warehouse Keeper's Pastime Repeatable Cliff
40-60 Coins of Magic Repeatable Sorint
40-80 Enhance Your Weapon Repeatable Gideon
41 Contract Execution One-time Lorain
41 Nikola's Heart One-time Lorain
41 Seal Removal One-time Lorain
42 Contract Completion One-time Luka
42 Lost Dream One-time Kusto
42 Vain Conclusion One-time Dorothy
42-50 Treasure Hunt Repeatable Espen
43-51 Dig Up the Sea of Spores! Repeatable Gauen
45 An Obvious Lie One-time Maximilian
45 Little Wing's Big Adventure Repeatable Cronos
46 An Aged Ex-Adventurer Repeatable Tantan
47-57 Warehouse Keeper's Ambition Repeatable Silva
48 Mutated Kaneus - Oren One-time Mouen
48-50 Chest caught with a bait of Earth One-time Willie
48-50 Willie's Special Bait One-time Willie
48-55 1000 years, the End of Lamentation Repeatable Gilmore
48-58 Silver Haired Shaman Repeatable Dieter
50 More Than Meets the Eye One-time Hardin
50 Seductive Whispers Repeatable Wilbert
50-58 Pavel's Last Research One-time Suspicous-Looking Stack of Stones
50-64 Audience with the Land Dragon Repeatable Gabrielle
50-75 Possessor of a Precious Soul 1 One-time Talien
52-59 Plunder Their Supplies Repeatable Coleman
53-63 An Ice Merchants Dream Repeatable Rafforty
53-63 The Other Side of Truth One-time Rafforty
55-60 Kail's Magic Coin Repeatable Vergara
55-60 Power of Darkness Repeatable Galman
55-65 Let's Become a Royal Member Repeatable Sorint
56-66 Whisper of Dreams, Part 1 Repeatable Manakia
57-75 Supplier of Reagents Repeatable Wesley
58 Mutated Kaneus - Schuttgart One-time Vishotsky
58-75 Stolen Dignity Repeatable Romp
59-71 Shriek of Ghosts Repeatable Reva
59-75 Legacy of Insolence Repeatable Walderal
60 Awl Under Foot Repeatable Detention Camp Warden
60 Find Glittering Jewelry One-time Ellie
60 In Search of Cloth One-time Radia
60 Make a Pair of Dress Shoes One-time Woodley
60 Make a Sewing Kit One-time Ferris
60 Make Formal Wear One-time Alexis
60 Sweet Whispers One-time Vladimir
60-62 Chest caught with a bait of Fire One-time Linnaeus
60-62 Linnaeus' Special Bait One-time Linnaeus
60-67 For Sleepless Deadmen Repeatable Orven
60-71 A Dark Twilight Repeatable Hierarch
60-71 Heart in Search of Power Repeatable Mysterious Necromancer
60-74 Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 Repeatable Manakia
60-75 An Arrogant Search Repeatable Hanellin
60-75 Possessor of a Precious Soul 2 One-time Virgil
60-80 Into the Flames Repeatable Klein
61 Light and Darkness One-time Hierarch
61-67 Pailaka - Devil's Legacy One-time Devil's Isle Survivor
61-81 A Game of Cards Repeatable Klump
62 The Coming Darkness One-time Hierarch
63 Hidden Truth One-time Mysterious Wizard
63 Tragedy in von Hellmann Forest One-time Tifaren
63-67 Illegitimate Child of A Goddess Repeatable Oltlin
63-77 Necromancer's Request Repeatable Mysterious Wizard
64 Lidia's Heart One-time Innocentin
65 Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead One-time Dorian
65-73 In the Forgotten Village Repeatable Mina
65-75 Possessor of a Precious Soul 3 One-time Caradine
66 Hiding Behind the Truth One-time Benedict
66-76 Meeting the Golden Ram One-time Donal
66-76 Secret Buried in the Swamp One-time Abercrombie
66-78 Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force Repeatable Kahman
66-80 Clean up the Swamp of Screams Repeatable Pierce
67-73 Egg Delivery Repeatable Jeremy
68 Mutated Kaneus - Rune One-time Mathias
68-73 Specialty Liquor Delivery Repeatable Jeremy
68-75 Shadow of Light Repeatable Eye of Argos
68 Mutated Kaneus - Rune One-time Mathias
70 Awl Under Foot Repeatable Dungeon Warden
70 Blade Under Foot Repeatable Warden
70 Influx of Machines Repeatable Gutenhagen
70 Light Within the Darkness Repeatable Detention Camp Warden
70 Pavel the Giant One-time Newyear
70 Resurrection of an Old Manager One-time Yumi
71-78 The Finest Food Repeatable Jeremy
71-78 Watching Eyes Repeatable Eye of Argos
73-77 Pailaka - Injured Dragon One-time Ketra Orc Shaman
73-78 Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 1 Repeatable Eye of Argos
73-78 Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 2 Repeatable Eye of Argos
73-80 Guardians of the Holy Grail Repeatable Dominic
73-80 Seekers of the Holy Grail Repeatable Innocentin
73-80 The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 Repeatable Jeremy
73-80 The Finest Ingredients - Part 2 Repeatable Jeremy
73-80 Through the Gate Once More Repeatable Flauron
73-80 Truth Beyond the Gate Repeatable Eliyah
74-80 Alliance with the Ketra Orcs Repeatable Wahkan
74-80 Alliance with the Varka Silenos Repeatable Naran Ashanuk
74-80 Four Goblets Repeatable Nameless Spirit
74-80 Gather the Flames Repeatable Vulcan
74-80 Journey to a Settlement Repeatable Nameless Spirit
74-80 Magical Power of Fire - Part 1 Repeatable Naran Ashanuk
74-80 Magical Power of Water - Part 1 Repeatable Wahkan
74-80 Parcel Delivery One-time Fundin
74-80 Relics of the old Empire Repeatable Ghost of Adventurer
74-80 Secret Meeting with Ketra Orcs One-time Cadmon
74-80 Secret Meeting with Varkas Silenos One-time Cadmon
74-80 Battle Against Ketra Orcs Repeatable Asha Varka Durai
74-80 Battle Against Varka Silenos Repeatable Kadun Zu Ketra
74-80 Whereabout of the Archeologist One-time Liesel
74-80 Last Imperial Prince One-time Nameless Spirit
75 A Powerful Primeval Creature Repeatable Dinn
75 Birth of the Seed One-time Plenos
75 Collecting in the Air One-time Lekon
75 Cursed Life Repeatable Orbyu
75 Defeating Dragonkin Remnants Repeatable Edric
75 Defeat the Elrokian Raiders! Repeatable Dinn
75 Elrokian Hunter's Proof One-time Marquez
75 Fate's Whisper One-time Reorin
75 Good Day to Fly One-time Lekon
75 Guardian of the Skies Repeatable Lekon
75 How to Oppose Evil Repeatable Dilios
75 Journey to Gracia One-time Orven
75 Light Fragment One-time Orbyu
75 Meeting the Elroki One-time Marquez
75 Mimir's Elixir One-time Ladd
75 Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe Repeatable Singsing
75 Seeds of Chaos One-time Kekropus
75 The Enveloping Darkness One-time Orbyu
75 To the Primeval Isle One-time Anton
75 To the Seed of Destruction One-time Keucereus
75 To the Seed of Infinity One-time Keucereus
75-80 Magical Power of Fire - Part 2 Repeatable Udan Mardui
75-80 Magical Power of Water - Part 2 Repeatable Asefa
75-80 Possessor of a Precious Soul 4 One-time Caradine
75-80 Prove your courage! (Ketra) Repeatable Kadun Zu Ketra
75-80 Prove your courage! (Varka) Repeatable Ashas Varka Durai
75-80 Slay the enemy commander! (Ketra) Repeatable Kadun Zu Ketra
75-80 Slay the enemy commander! (Varka) Repeatable Ashas Varka Durai
75–82 Break Through the Hall of Suffering Repeatable Tepios
75–82 Defend the Hall of Suffering Repeatable Tepios
76 Containing the Attribute Power - Aden One-time None
76 Containing the Attribute Power - Rune One-time None
76 Law Enforcement One-time Liane
76 Matras' Curiosity One-time Matras
76 Matras' Suspicious Request Repeatable Matras
76 Saga of Eva's Saint One-time Hollint
76 Saga of Eva's Templar One-time Sinden
76 Saga of the Adventurer One-time Black Cat
76 Saga of the Arcana Lord One-time Kinsley
76 Saga of the Archmage One-time Valleria
76 Saga of the Cardinal One-time Hollint
76 Saga of the Dominator One-time Rahorakti
76 Saga of the Doombringer One-time Kekropus
76 Saga of the Doomcryer One-time Rahorakti
76 Saga of the Dreadnought One-time Aiken
76 Saga of the Duelist One-time Sedrick
76 Saga of the Elemental Master One-time Arkenias
76 Saga of the Fortune Seeker One-time Mond
76 Saga of the Ghost Hunter One-time Black Cat
76 Saga of the Ghost Sentinel One-time Bernard
76 Saga of the Grand Khavatari One-time Hakran
76 Saga of the Hell Knight One-time Mordred
76 Saga of the Hierophant One-time Hollint
76 Saga of the Maestro One-time Telson
76 Saga of the Moonlight Sentinel One-time Bernard
76 Saga of the Mystic Muse One-time Arkenias
76 Saga of the Phoenix Knight One-time Sedrick
76 Saga of the Sagittarius One-time Bernard
76 Saga of the Shillien Saint One-time Anastia
76 Saga of the Shillien Templar One-time Galadrid
76 Saga of the Soul Hound One-time Kekropus
76 Saga of the Soultaker One-time Hardin
76 Saga of the Spectral Dancer One-time Mordred
76 Saga of the Spectral Master One-time Fairen
76 Saga of the Storm Screamer One-time Fairen
76 Saga of the Sword Muse One-time Raien
76 Saga of the Titan One-time Tazki
76 Saga of the Trickster One-time Kekropus
76 Saga of the Wind Rider One-time Black Cat
76 The Name of Evil - 1 One-time Mushika
77 Attack Sailren! Repeatable Shilen's Stone Statue
77 The Name of Evil - 2 One-time Asamah
78 A Trap for Revenge Repeatable Plenos
78 Bird in a Cage Repeatable Kanis
78 Jude's Request Repeatable Jude
78 Path to Hellbound One-time Casian
78 Proof of Existence Repeatable Artius
78 That's Bloody Hot! One-time Kanis
79 Exploration of the Giants Cave, Part 1 Repeatable Sobling
79 Control Device of the Giants Repeatable Droph
79 Exploration of the Giants Cave, Part 2 Repeatable Sobling
79 Seven Signs Part 1, Series of Doubt One-time Croop
79 Seven Signs Part 2, Dying Message One-time Hollint
79 Seven Signs Part 3, Mammon's Contract One-time Sir Gustav Athebaldt
79 Seven Signs Part 4, Secret Ritual of the Priests One-time Claudia Athebalt
79 Seven Signs Part 5, Seal of the Emperor One-time Iason Heine
79 Seven Signs Part 6, Sacred Book of Seal One-time Wood
79 Seven Signs Part 7, Embryo One-time Wood
80 Block the Lord's Escape Repeatable Tepios
80 Conquer the Hall of Erosion Repeatable Tepios
80 Defend the Hall of Erosion Repeatable Tepios
80 Expulsion of Evil Spirits Repeatable Chairen
80 Ghosts of Batur Repeatable Karuda
80 Grave Robber Rescue Repeatable Kanemika
80 Hope within the Darkness Repeatable None
80 Lucien's Altar Repeatable Daichir
80 Status of the Beacon Tower One-time Moira
80 Steps for Honor One-time Rapidus
80 Take Advantage of the Crisis! Repeatable Filaur
80 That Place Succubus One-time Andrei
80 Succubus Disciples One-time Zenya
80 Bloody Good Time One-time Zenya
81 In Search of the Nest One-time Pierce
81 The Zero Hour 2 One-time Kahman
82 Bring Up With Love One-time Tunatun
82 Delicious Top Choice Meat Repeatable Tunatun
82 Go to the Pastureland! One-time Vladimir
81 I'm the Only One You Can Trust One-time Kintaijin
81 Only What Remains Repeatable Kintaijin
82 Figuring It Out Repeatable Investigator Laki
82 For a Good Cause Repeatable Atra
82 Handle With Care Repeatable Merchant Ankumi
82 Home Security One-time Tunatun
82 It Smells Delicious! One-time Guard Stan
82 Lost and Found Escort Quest Gumiel
82 Meeting Sirra Freya Quest Part 3 Rafforty
82 No More Soup For You One-time Guard Stan
82 No Secrets One-time Guard Pinaps
82 Oath Daily Strongbox of Promise
82 Perfect Form Daily Keleia
82 Poisoned Plains of Lizardmen One-time Captain Mouen
82 Reed Field Maintenance Repeatable Katensa
82 Request of Ice Merchant Freya Quest Part 1 Rafforty
82 Acquisition of Divine Sword Freya Quest Part 2 Rafforty
82 Reunion with Sirra Freya Quest Part 4 Rafforty
82 Rumble in the Base Daily Guard Stan
82 Secret Mission Delivery Priest Dominic
82 Story of Those Left Freya Quest Part 5 Rafforty
82 Success/Failure of Business One-time Dr. Helvetica
82 Take Your Best Shot Repeatable Chief Investigator Johny
82 Target of Opportunity Repeatable Jerian
82 The One Who Ends Silence Repeatable Priest Greymore
82 Threat Removal Repeatable Guard Pinaps
82 Watch What You Eat One-time Investigator Sally
82 Winds of Change One-time Flauen
82 Won't You Join Us? One-time Athenia
83 Fire Dragon Destroyer One-time Klein
83 Land Dragon Conqueror One-time Theodric
84 Completely Lost Escort Quest Wounded Soldier
84 Finding the Lost Soldiers Daily Officer Jakan
84 Not Strong Enough Alone Daily Officer Clemis
84 To the Seed of Annihilation Delivery Kbarldire