Matras' Curiosity

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Minimum Level: 78 Party: Solo/Party (raid)
Start Location: Hellbound Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Matras Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: Rough ores; access to 3rd tower in Steel Citadel (unconfirmed)

NOTE: The minimum level is stated as 76 but the NPC and the quest are in Hellbound which is not accessible until you reach 78 on at least one of your classes (main or any sub) and complete the Path to Hellbound quest.

1  When you pick the quest (he has two on the list) Matras gives you 6 rough ores (one of each kind) and asks you to bring him the Blueprints of Ranku and Demon Prince. Those are raid bosses and other guides suggest that after finishing this quest you gain direct access to Tully's Workshop which is the third tower of the Steel Citadel.

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