Meeting Sirra

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Minimum Level: 82 Party: -
Start Location: Ice Merchant Cabin Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Rafforty Updated to: Goddess of Destruction - Harmony
Requirements: Completed Acquisition of Divine Sword
Rewards: 939 075 exp, 83 855 sp, 283 425 adena

This belongs to a chain of quests telling about the Ice Queen's Castle and Ice Queen Freya. It consists of the following parts:

  1. Request of Ice Merchant
  2. Acquisition of Divine Sword
  3. Meeting Sirra
  4. Reunion with Sirra
  5. Story of Those Left

You also need to have completed the lower level quest The Other Side of Truth before starting these ones.

Before this quest it's good to get buffed up as you have to go fight with Freya a bit.

1  Rafforty says Jinia wants to meet you so let him port you to the guild hall again.

2  She suggest you talk to Kegor so do that.

3  Talk to Jinia again but your chat gets interrupted by the appearance of Sirra.

4  Talk to Sirra and then to Jinia again and get ported back outside.

5  Talk to Freya's Steward who will move you inside the castle. Walk along the NE wall, be careful not to slip and fall. Go to the bridge and talk to Jinia again. She will move you inside Freya's quarters.

6  Leave the room you ported into and find Freya's hall. You will have to fight with Freya and her minions but you have some helpers as well. Freya has a lot of HP but root and other such skills seem to work on her. Help the NPC's kill the minions and try to land a few hits on Freya herself as well. You will get a cutscene and after that ported back to Rafforty's location. If you die, DO NOT hit "to village" but wait until the cutscene is shown and then you get kicked out of the instance and can get resurrected.

7  Talk to Rafforty and get your reward.