Meeting the Elroki

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Minimum Level: 75 Party: -
Start Location: Primeval Isle Wharf Repeatable: no
Start NPC: Marquez Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Rewards: 100,013 Adena, 301,922 XP, 30,294 SP

1 Talk with Marquez found on the Primeval Isle Warf.

Marquez1.jpg Meetelroki1.jpg Meetelroki2.jpg Meetelroki3.jpg Meetelroki4.jpg Meetelroki5.jpg Meetelroki6.jpg

2 He tells you to go and talk to Mushika who is found on an island just south of Primeval Isle. To get to him, there is Orahochin at the very southern edge of Primeval Island who acts as a teleporter to the island.



Meetelroki7.jpg Meetelroki8.jpg

3 Mushika then directs you to talk with Asamah who stands right beside him.

Asamah1.jpg Meetelroki9.jpg Meetelroki10.jpg Meetelroki11.jpg Meetelroki12.jpg Meetelroki13.jpg Meetelroki14.jpg Meetelroki15.jpg

4 You are then asked to talk to Karakawi found just around the corner on the island.

Karakawi1.jpg Meetelroki16.jpg Meetelroki17.jpg Meetelroki18.jpg

5 He asks for you to get an egg which can be found as located on the map.

Meetelroki19.jpg Meetelroki20.jpg Meetelroki21.jpg Meetelroki23.jpg

6 Once you've obtained the egg, go back to visit Asamah for your reward.

Asamah1.jpg Meetelroki22.jpg Meetelroki24.jpg