Meeting the Golden Ram

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Minimum Level: 66 Party: .
Start Location: Rune Township Repeatable: .
Start NPC: Donal Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 40,000 adena, 126,668 exp and 11,731 sp

1 This quest starts in Rune by the Warehouse with Warehouse Chief Donal. He asks you to deliver supplies which you need to pick up from Warehouse Frieghtman Daisy. She is to the left of Donal.


2 Daisy gives you the supply box and asks you to give it to Abercrombie.


3 Abercrombie is at the west entrance to the Swamp of Screams, or you can port straight to him from Rune. He gives you 40,000 adena, 126,668 exp and 11, 731 sp.