Method to Raise the Dead

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1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 35, starts with Locksmith Dorothy who is standing on a platform near the water in the southeastern part of Heine.

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2) Dorothy had located the treasure of Pirate Captain Zaken on Devil's Isle, also known as Pirate's Island. She joined up with two partners and sent them there to pick it up. Her associates were bringing a small part of the treasure back to Heine when they were waylayed and devoured by Crokians in the Field of Whispers, only a short distance before they reached the town. Dorothy wants you to kill Crokians and Crokian Warriors and bring back her friends' remains.

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3) Crokians (lvl 36, aggressive) and Crokian Warriors (lvl 38, double HP, aggressive) can be found all over the Field of Whispers. Watch out for the knife-throwing Dailaon and the Farhite mystics who are normally passive but social with the Crokians. NOTE: since Epilogue update the area has been changed so the mobs are now located in the Alligator Beach area.

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The quest item acquisition rate is about 1 out of 3, and after every 3 or 4 Useless Bone Pieces you normally get one Victim's part. If it should take a bit longer, don't despair! I once had 67 Useless Bone Pieces by the time I got the final Thigh Bone.

4) When you have a complete skeleton, return to Dorothy who will send you on to Magister Xenovia in the Dark Elf Guild.

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5) To reach the Dark Elf Guild from where Dorothy is, you have to cross a roofed bridge.

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6) Xenovia has a Medium Jar which makes it possible to communicate with the dead. In addition to putting into the Jar an article that belonged to the dead person (a skeleton will do) you also need a special powder that comes at 1000 adena per pouch. You have no alternative but to buy the powder from Xenovia.

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7) Then talk to the greenish Medium Jar somewhat to the right of Xenovia.

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8) There are three ways this can go. Either you get Oliver, the male associate of Dorothy:

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Or you get Clarine, the female associate of Dorothy:

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Or you get a girl that has absolutely nothing to do with Zaken's treasure and just got eaten accidentally:

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9) Talk to Xenovia again. She tells you to take the Useless Bone Pieces to Mad Doctor Orpheus.


10) What the dialogue screen says about Dr. Orpheus being in the "eastern part of the village" is a translation error. He can be found some distance east of the town, near the beach.

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11) Dr. Orpheus, a physician and inventor, is interested in the secrets of life and death, or to put it bluntly, he is trying to become a necromancer. For his experiments he needs human remains and you can sell your Useless Bone Pieces to him for a straight 104a per piece, no matter how many you bring.

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12) If you somehow failed to find Mad Doctor Orpheus, Dorothy will also give you some money for your Useless Bone Pieces, but she only pays 70a per piece. Apart from that you get of course a reward for the skeleton, which varies according to which people you found. For the skeleton of Oliver or Clarine you get 5390a plus 3 Bills of Iason Heine which can be exchanged at Head Blacksmith Roman for materials. For this you must have picked up (not actually have done) the "Black Swan" quest, so that you have the "Order of Gosta" in your Quest Inventory.


For the dead girl you get either 3040a plus 5 Bills of Iason Heine or - very very rarely - 3040a plus an Imperial Diamond which you can sell in any NPC shop for 10,000a. What Dorothy says about taking your reward to the "Blacksmith Guild" where they will give you money is absolute nonsense.

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Here the rewards again:
Useless Bone Piece at Mad Doctor Orpheus 104a
Useless Bone Piece at Locksmith Dorothy 70a
Skeleton of Oliver 5390a + 3 Bills of Iason Heine
Skeleton of Clarine 5390a + 3 Bills of Iason Heine
Skeleton of dead girl 3040a + 5 Bills of Iason Heine
or 3040a + Imperial Diamond (worth 10,000a)