Mimir's Elixir

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Minimum Level: 75 Party: Party/Solo
Start Location: Ivory Tower Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Ladd Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Completed Fate's Whisper
Rewards: EWA and access to subclass

  • Note: With the addition of Territory Wars it's possible to get Noblesse and add subclass at the Territory Manager NPC without completing the quests.

1 After you have finished Fate's Whisper you can do the last quest needed to get your subclass. It starts in Ivory Tower dark elf guild, talk to magister Ladd.


2 He tells you some stuff and sends you to the ground floor to talk to the mixing urn. You need to have the Supplier of Reagents quest registered, get it from Wesley on the same floor if you haven't got it. It saves time if you already have a lunargent ready. If not then get 100 moonstone shards, 10 volcanic ashes and 2 quicksilvers and mix them in two steps according to the manual from the NPC. When you have lunargent mix it with quicksilver to make pure silver.

Mimir202.jpg Mimir203.jpg

3 Return to Ladd and he sends you to talk to magister Joan in elf guild to obtain the next ingredient - true gold.


4 She tells you to go kill Chimera pieces in Silent Valley to get Sage's Stone for her. Before Epilogue update the mobs used to be groupers with 1/2 HP, since Epilogue patch they are not aggro and not social but harder to kill so for healer/buffer classes I'd suggest bring someone to help.


5 Once you have the stone return to Joan and she will give you true gold.


6 Go back to Ladd and he will send you to fetch the last ingredient and that's the hardest part. You need Bloody Guardians from Antharas Lair. They are groupers and located in the room next to Kariks. Bring a few people to help or a BD with shadow dance or dagger class who can pull the mobs to you. People have reported that you don't need last hit, just enough to be in party. The drop rate varies but shouldn't take more than 1-2 rounds. When you have the item, return to Ivory Tower and go to the mixing urn again. Mix all three and use temperature #3 this time - it's said in the quest.

Mimir208.jpg Mimir209.jpg

7 Back to Ladd for the final instruction.


8 Go and get your subclass from the respective Grand Master/Magister depending on the race and class you want to go. Pay attention to the restrictions - elf and dark elf can not sub each others classes and there are a few others that you are not able to take. Check the official website for details. And once your subclass hits 75 you can pick another one with no quests needed.