Nikola's Heart

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1) This quest is a sequel to [[Nikola's Cooperation - Consideration]]. You must be level 41 and have "Loraine's Certificate" in your quest inventory. After the last quest you should already be standing in front of Researcher Lorain.

File:Nikolasheart1.jpg File:Nikolasheart2.jpg

2) Lorain has found out that the metal plate you discovered in the Cruma Tower during the last quest is in reality a recording device. To access the recorded data one needs a password and for that Lorain needs Maestro Nikola's help. Take the Metallograph to Nikola.

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3) Maestro Nikola is still at his old position, some distance southwest of Lorain.

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4) Finding the password is beyond the abilities of Nikola, so he sends you on to Head Blacksmith Kusto in Giran.

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5) Kusto is in the Blacksmith workshop at the western gate of the town.

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6) It turns out that it was Kusto who had sent Nikola to the Cruma Tower to do research independently of Lorain. As far as the password is concerned, for that he has to take the Metallograph to his laboratory. For the time being he rewards you with 93,383 adena, 285,935 exp and 18,711 SP. If your character is level 47 or above, you will only get the adena reward.

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When you are level 42 you can come back to Kusto and pick up the sequel to this quest - Lost Dream.