Pailaka - Devil's Legacy

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Minimum Level: 61 Party: No
Start Location: Giran Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Devil's Isle Survivor Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: Pailaka Bracelet, Vitality refill, 10,800,000 XP, 950,000 SP

General info:
This is second quest in the row of Pailaka instances; the level range is 61-67 but I suggest doing it as early as possible since the exp you get is a fixed amount so you get more % on lower levels. But before you go in take some time to stock up: beast soulshots (from pet manager NPC), healing potions (the stronger, the better), greater antidotes, escape scrolls. If you’re using a B-grade weapon normally, grab some A-shots too as the Pailaka weapon is A-grade. Most of the mobs there have bleed and poison and with the Pailaka weapon you will get a summon skill so that’s why you need pet shots. The other thing to keep in mind once inside is to try to open as many treasure boxes as you can to get the Pailaka potions – antidotes, instant shields, divine souls, bow resist and quick healing potions. You can also get a key, this opens the gates you can find randomly over the place – you don’t need to open them to get anywhere but might find more treasure boxes. There are also powder kegs around, those explode if you hit them and have pretty bad area damage so unless you’re a ranged class and able to detonate them from a safe distance, better leave them alone. But if you do blow them up they usually one-shot the mobs around and even do a considerable damage to the boss. The mobs killed by the keg don’t give exp though and you cannot pick herbs that drop this way. The mobs and four mini-bosses are undeads so if you have any skill for that make sure to use it – holy weapon buff etc. Might of Heaven kills them easily too and mobs drop mana potions so you shouldn’t have a problem. The Vitalize skill fails half of the times so when you get poison/bleed it’s better to have some of the Pailaka potions handy. The final boss Lemantan is not undead and fighting him needs some tactical planning but more about that later on. Everything is aggro and all of the bosses can see you even with a shadow skill so be prepared. You can pass the regular mobs with it though if you want to save time.

1 Talk to the NPC next to temple in Giran, he says a few things and unlike the other 2 Pailakas you cannot enter right away – have to speak to him again.

Pailaka start.jpg
Pailaka start text1.jpg
Pailaka start text2.jpg

2 Your arrival point is the first room at Devil's Isle, near the underwater entry/exit tunnel. Running there will teleport you back to the entry point. The NPC standing there will give you the weapon and some more info. The way into the dungeon is right behind him and there are mobs quite close so summon the pet if you want to use it, drag the attack and skill buttons to your hotbar. The summon skill is available only with Pailaka weapon equipped but people have reported that once the summon is out you can change weapon to your normal one and the pet will not disappear. If you plan to use the weapon upgrades you have to unsummon the pet before talking to the dwarf and resummon later so it means the buffs on the pet will disappear. In older guides it says the pet doesn’t have attack button so you have to make a macro, it seems to be fixed now. But in case there is a problem just make a macro with /summonattack and place it on your hotbar.

Pailaka npctext.jpg

  • Summon info, before and after final upgrade of the weapon:

Pailaka summon.jpg

  • Here are the mobs:

Pailaka mobs.jpg

  • The weapon stats in the beginning and after the last upgrade:

Pailaka sword.jpg

  • Potions:

Pailaka potions.jpg

  • The boss mobs look like this:

Pailaka bosses.jpg

Kams: he has poison+paralyze type skill so have the Pailaka antidotes ready. When he is dead you get weapon upgrade scroll, take this to the Dwarf adventurer to upgrade your weapon (unsummon the pet before). You get a new skill on the sword, the summon doesn’t improve yet.

Hikoro: looks like a dead fish and is located in the back of the cave so you should get rid of the mobs before going to fight him or you might end up with the others at your back too. Try sending the pet to detonate powder kegs if you don’t have a ranged skill yourself – if you get lucky it not only blows up the mobs but also takes the bosses HP down a bit. It has the same poison/paralyze skill and can attack with a skill so have potions ready.

Alkaso: he is behind the left side corner of one of the next caves so don’t be surprised if he runs at you as soon as you enter. You get second weapon upgrade scroll from him and the dwarf to use it is right there as well. Boss is similar to previous ones skillwise and isn’t much harder to kill either. After this upgrade the weapon gets another skill, and summon stats improve as well.

Gerbera: this one is located in one of the left-side rooms on the upper level, the other rooms have more regular mobs and boxes to loot if you think you need restock on Pailaka potions. This boss is a bit harder than the previous ones but doesn’t differ in skills.

3 After killing the fourth mini-boss you only have Lemantan left. To get to him you need to jump down from the rock in the last room and swim through a broken ship. The textures are a bit glitchy there so try to keep close to surface and make sure the pet isn’t stuck somewhere. In the bottom of the ship are 2 archer mobs (aggro of course) and few more in the end of the tunnel on the stairs next to final boss mob. Kill the archers first before you attack Lemantan (or he attacks you). This boss doesn’t seem to have the poison/paralyze attack and only a fairly weak nuke but he has another trick up his sleeve.

Pailaka lemantan.jpg
Pailaka minions.jpg

When he is about ½ HP he will start running towards the ship and port both of you to the deck. There he has a group of minions called Lemantan’s Follower, those don’t attack you but they heal the boss with a spell that looks like a beam charging him so he is almost impossible to kill. You can kill the minions but they respawn after a while so if you have the pet still with you, try sending him to kill the minions while you’re attacking the boss. Inquisitor from EE did quite good job on him but you have to outdamage the heal of the followers so it’s better to kill as many of them as you can. There is also another way – not letting him port to the ship. Either root/anchor (or whatever binding skill you have) him on the stairs or run him off to one of the bridges so he is out of the range for the minions. Only thing to keep in mind with this option is that the final dwarf NPC spawns on the ship deck so if you have killed Lemantan in another place you have to find your way up there on your own to claim the rewards.

4 When Lemantan dies, last dwarf NPC will appear – talk to him and receive Scroll of Escape, Pailaka Bracelet (B-grade accessory with +20MP), Vitality refill, 10,800,000 XP and 950,000 SP. You can either SoE out or wait for 5 minutes for the instance to kick you.

Pailaka reward.jpg