Pailaka - Injured Dragon

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Minimum Level: 73 Party: No
Start Location: Goddard Repeatable: No
Start NPC: Ketra Orc Shaman Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: -
Rewards: 28 mil exp, 2,850,000 sp, Vitality refill, Pailaka shirt

by EllieBelly

1 This quest starts at the west exit to Goddard with the Ketra Orc Shaman there, and you must be within level 73 to 77 to do this quest. It will not interfere with your Ketra or Varka alliance levels. Speak to him/her and you will be ported into the Pailaka instance.
NOTE: added some class-specific notes and my observations in the end of this guide.

Pailaka-injureddragon1.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon2.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon3.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon4.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon5.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon6.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon7.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon8.jpg

2 The instance looks exactly like the Varka Silenos Outpost area, geography wise. You will be ported next to a Ketra Orc Supporter, talk to him/her. You will receive a Spear of Silenos which will go into your regular inventory. If you use a SOE it will take you out of the instance and you can reenter as long as the instance hasn't timed out.

Pailaka-injureddragon9.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon10.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon11.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon12.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon13.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon14.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon15.jpg

3 Now to cut to the chase, the boss mob is a sleeping dragon named Latana located here on the map. There are some things you have to do before that though.


First, if you kill some of the Antelope just past the gates you will receive either Pailaka Instant Shield, which is like a 5 second celestial shield, and Quick Healing Potions which can only be used in the instance. I suggest hotkeying both of these somewhere.

Pailaka-injureddragon16.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon17.jpg

Throughout this instance you will find packs of various Varka mobs and before you get to the dragon you will need Weapon Upgrade Stage 1 and 2. The way I took to the dragon was past the first npc, slightly right up the ramp, across the Varka-head bridge where you should run into your first mess of Varka. They don't give chase so you can run away if need be but they need to be killed to get the weapon upgrades. You cannot sneak around these mobs, and if you approach a group of them from behind, if you get close enough they will teleport you in front of them.


A bit past the first bridge you will run into one of a few Ketra Orc Intelligence Officers. If you have the weapon upgrade talk to him and he will upgrade your spear.

Pailaka-injureddragon19.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon20.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon21.jpg

You can also receive buffs, but only 5 max.


Here is another location of a group of Varka mobs.


Here is another group past the bridge, after walking a few seconds to the left, then turning right there should be a stone slab there. You should have received a Weapon upgrade Stage 2 at this point, but you don't need to upgrade the spear to complete the quest. Just don't throw the spear away!!.


At one point while I was killing the first group, 4 Varka Silenos Seers and Great Sees showed up to bring the pain, but when I backed up to heal up and came back they were gone.


Just before the stone area to the right you should find another Ketra Orc Intelligence Officer who can give you a new set of 5 buffs and upgrade the spear a second time so you earn the Complete Spear of Silenos.


Then cross the stone slab, deal with another mess of Silenos and you should see Latana having a nap in the open. If you get too close it will trigger a cut-scene where it wakes up and blows fire all over the place. Here is a snip of that:


4 Then it's time to kill Latana. The dragon does a considerable amount of damage with far reaching fire nukes, but if you have enough quick heal pots it shouldn't be a problem. You do not need to use the spear to kill it. You will receive 1,113,562 exp and 10,167 sp for killing her.


5 Once she is dead a Ketra Orc Supporter shows up, talk to him and return the spear for a whopping 28 million exp, 2,850,000 sp, maximum Vitality and a Pailaka Shirt (A grade). At 75 that was about 25% added to my exp bar. You will also get a SOE to go back to town.

Pailaka-injureddragon30.jpg Pailaka-injureddragon31.jpg

Notes: Here are some things I have noticed doing it on different classes - maybe comes handy when choosing your setup.

  • Nuker: pretty much nothing special, just get fire resist buff or the potion from attribute NPC because the group mobs hit hard so the better your m.def the easier it will be. At the dragon stay off the stone triangle it's on then you save yourself from most of his damage and if you need to heal or regen MP just run a bit further away, he doesn't follow. You can bring a recharger pet too, just be careful at the group mobs as they tend to nuke the pet as well.
  • Melee: this breaks down a bit depending on your class, for dancers/singers I found the best way is to use a wolf to kill the grouper mobs and then bow to kill the dragon - the guards nuke HARD so you have to spam HP potions or run out of range to heal up. Didn't find much help from the Pailaka weapon, you need to charge up the skill first and for a BD it means you have to change weapons to dance. On SwS lv 74 it was a bit easier since she has the defensive songs but it took too long to kill the guards. With a lv 78 fenrir it was easy even without being able to heal the pet - it doesn't take much damage if it has decent armor and jewel. And then for the dragon I used a bow so I could stand out of his nuking range, it was slow killing but safe and you should have enough time anyways.
  • For tanks I'd suggest a pet too for additional damage, for SE I used the same fenrir cause she is 74 only - at higher level people have confirmed it can be done with inquisitor mode as well. For bow classes there shouldn't be any problem, just keep an eye on your HP bar and boost up m.def and fire resist.