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NOTE: The level range and reward have been changed with the launch of the Goddess of Destruction update. The basic outline is still the same though, also the quest seems to be repeatable on subclasses (not on the same class unless it was done 1st time before GoD launched).

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by EllieBelly

1) This quest starts in front of The Einhasad Temple in Gludin Village with Inspector Adler. This is an instance, and only available to characters within the levels 49 to 55. He will teleport you to an instance of the Forgotten Temple. I suggest bringing lots of HP pots and don't forget SOEs. If the instance times out before you are done, you can abort the quest and try again. Added some class-specific tips to the end of the guide.

Pailaka-songoffireandice1.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice2.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice3.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice4.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice5.jpg

2) Immediately inside you will find Inspector Sinai. She will give you D grade 107 duals which look like C grade which can only be used in this dungeon. I played a melee through this so I equipped them but you don't have to.

Pailaka-songoffireandice7.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice8.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice9.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice10.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice11.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice12.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice13.jpg

The swords at their first stage and the book.

Pailaka-songoffireandice14.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice15.jpg

As you travel through the Forgotten Temple you will come across the following objects/mobs, kill them and you may receive Pailaka Instant Shield potions, which is like a 5 second Celestial Shield, Instant Heal Potions, and rarely water and fire enhancers.

Pailaka-songoffireandice16.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice29.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice34.jpg

Pailaka-songoffireandice35.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice36.jpg

At any rate you will want to turn to the water side of the temple first (to the left of Sinai) and at some point you will run into a few Temple Inspectors. They can help you upgrade your dual swords later on.


3) The first boss to kill is Spirit of Water Hillas. You may want to go through some of the side rooms branching from the main rooms to pick up the pailaka potions YOU WILL NEED for the bosses, but if you stay in the center rooms you will find Hillas in one of the rooms on the left after turning right past the first circular room. I suggest making a target macro for each of these guys.


Hillas can sleep you, has a nasty drain spell but otherwise if you came in with a proper set of buffs and HP pots she should be pretty easy. She will give you around 32,348 exp and 1,956 sp, depending on your vit level, essence of water, and another book. You don't have to read the books, since you quest status tells you what to find next.


If you were using the swords now is a good time to find a Temple Inspector and update your Pailaka weapon. It increases the base stats and will give you access to a new skill called Shalin Heal. You can pull it from your skill list when the weapon is equipped into your hot bar. It is a decent heal but it is a bit slow to cast. It took me at least 5 seconds.

Pailaka-songoffireandice20.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice21.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice33.jpg

4) The next boss is the Spirit of Water Papion, she is in the temple where the bridge over the water is, with the unicorn heads on the wall. She will aggro if you attack the other mobs in there with her. As with the other mob, she has a lot of HP and as a melee at least, the fight takes a few minutes. If your buffs run out in this instance, you can SOE out, rebuff, and talk to the starting NPC and come back in, as long as there is time left in the instance.

Pailaka-songoffireandice22.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice24.jpg

5) The next boss is on the fire side this time, which you will run into if you go far enough into the water side. This is another I suggest using a target macro for, since you should still be on the look out for those pot dropping jars. This one is the Spirit of Fire Kinsus, and she is higher level than the water bosses. She will also drop the Essence of Fire.


Again if you want to upgrade the swords seek out a Temple Inspector again and he will update it. It upgrades the stats even more and grants you the skill Shalin Strike. It works kind of like power strike and does decent damage.

Pailaka-songoffireandice26.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice27.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice28.jpg

6) The next fire boss is Spirit of Fire Gargos and he's in a large fire room with what looks like a burning floor. If you came in from the start of the temple the room he's in is on the left. He should be yellow to a level 36 and does a painful magic attack when he starts that "ohh oh oh" stuff. Regular heal potions were not enough for me, as a heavy armor user in here. But: if you pull him off the lava floor so that he is standing on the tiled part he seems to be unable to nuke - he only says his ohh's but the damage is much lower.


7) The last book tells you the final boss is Adiantum.


He is under the bridge, on the water side, in the same room Papion was. You'll have to drop into the water, look for the doorway, swim through there and then come in up another room. You may need to use the arrow keys to get out of the water.


He is aggro, is pink to a level 36 and you will probably need a combo of the pailaka quick heals and instant shields. When he dies, Inspector Adler will appear and give you a Pailaka Earring and Ring, 810,000 exp, 50,000 sp and vitality points. Note that your vitality will not be restored to full, as happens with the other Pailaka.

Pailaka-songoffireandice37.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice38.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice39.jpg

Pailaka-songoffireandice40.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice41.jpg Pailaka-songoffireandice42.jpg

UPDATED: after the launch of GoD update, the rewards are: 1,860,000 XP, 480,000 SP, Unidentified B-grade weapon of choice (Balhala stands for Valhalla in case you were wondering what sword is that...).


8) Adding some extra info based on my own experience in doing this quest on almost all classes.

For melees as it was said earlier, it's not too hard and you can use the Pailaka dual if it has better stats than your own - then you can use the skill it comes with. The heal is slow to cast for non-mage classes but it does a nice restore on your HP. For orc monk I used fists all the way, had +5 on them and didn't have a problem since orcs have pretty high damage output even at this low lvl. Only used newbie guide buffs and healing potions so with a decent buffer it should be fast and easy.

For healer classes it's a bit problematic but my best working setup was light armor and dualsword. Used it on shillien oracle, cleric and elven oracle and had a lvl 55 improved cougar with pet bsps for heals. With full SE buffs, swift attack potion plus the buffs they have themselves; normal duals in the beginning and the quest weapon after first upgrade (then its p.atk became higher than my own weapon's) it wasn't too bad, just have to watch your HP and bring plenty of shots since you don't do much damage so it's slow. The cougar healed me just enough to keep me alive, only had to make sure it didn't get nuked by the bosses' aoe skill.

For wizards I used the summon to tank the bosses, without it I was out of mp too fast and trying to hit melee doesn't work too well either. Best was elf wizard with the boxer pony - I was only healing the pet and having it recharge me when I ran too low. Same with the recharger cat for humans. For dark wizard you have to manage your mp yourself since you don't get recharge but still it's easier with the summon tanking for you.

For archers I used melee weapon and same strategy - at this low lvl the bow skills are not that good yet so you'll just run out of mp and spend too many shots.