Path of the Orc Shaman

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1) This quest starts outside of the King's Hall in Orc Village with Tataru zu Hestui. He sends you to get a couple of things.

Pathtoshaman1.jpg Pathtoshaman2.jpg Pathtoshaman3.jpg Pathtoshaman4.jpg

2) The Scarlet Salamanders can be found in the Cave of Trials, the second room in with the lava pit. You should get the item on first kill.

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3) The Kasha Blade Spiders and Kasha Bears are in the same area, and again, one mob each should do it.

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4) Back to Tataru, he sends you to find the Hestui Totem Spirit who is just outside of town. If you run as if you were going back to the Orc starting area and make a left halfway there, the spirit is against a stone wall a bit of a walk away.


5) The Hestui Totem Spirit sends you back to Tataru.

Pathtoshaman10.jpg Pathtoshaman11.jpg Pathtoshaman12.jpg Pathtoshaman13.jpg

6) Tataru asks you two questions, and unfortunately the Orcs aren't as clear as the Dwarves in this matter, but "I'll learn the names of 99 souls" is the GLUDIN branch, and "I want to inherit the wisdom of the 99 souls" is the SCHUTTGART branch. I chose the first answer (Gludin branch). He sends you to Gludin.

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7) In Gludin at the Orc Guild talk to Seer Umos who asks you to hunt Grizzly Bears.

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8) The Grizzly Bears are near the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds port, the drop rate should be 1/1, and you need 3.


9) Back at Umos he sends you to find the Duda-Mara Totem which is near the Gludin Arena.


10) The Duda-Mara spider, wants you to hunt Poison Spiders and Arachnid Trackers until the Durka Spirit shows up.

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11) The spiders are in the same place the bears were, around Fellmere Harvesting Grounds and you should get the quest item for each spider. It took about 9 for the Durka Spirit showed up for me. Once you get the quest item go back to the Duda Mara Totem.

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12) The Duda Mara Totem sends you to Umos again.


13) Umos rewards you with 81,900 adena, Mark of Medium, 295,862 exp and 18,194 sp. This is as of CT2, in previous releases you do not get adena and the exp/sp is much less.

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14) If you are level 20 talk to High Prefect Osborn who is next to Umos and change class to Orc Shaman and receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupon D grade.

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