Path of the Palus Knight

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1) This quest starts in the Town of Gludio in the Dark Elf Guild with Master Virgil. He sends you to the Neutral Zone to bring back 13 Lycanthrope skulls.

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2) Lycanthropes can be found around the Neutral Zone, you will need 13 skulls. Then go back to Virgil.


3) Virgil then sends you to Gludin Village.

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4) In Gludin in the Dark Elf Guild talk to Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta. She tells you to gather materials to make a coffin.

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5) South of Gludin you can find the mobs, you need 5 items from Arachnid Trackers and 1 from a "poison" spider, which is actually the Venomous Spider.

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6) Kalinta gives you your creepy coffin and sends you back to Master Virgil.

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7) Virgil rewards you with 81,900 adena, Gaze of Abyss, 295,862 exp and 19,804 sp. These are CT2 rewards, previous versions there is no adena and less exp/sp.


8) Then to change to Palus Knight talk to Grand Master Tobias who is in the same room. You will receive 15 Shadow Item Exchange Coupon D grades.

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