Path to Becoming a Lord - Gludio

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Minimum Level: - Party: Party/Solo
Start Location: Gludio Castle Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Chamberlain Saius Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Clan lvl 4
Rewards: Territory benefits

NB  The clan leader needs to be online, not necessarily in party with all the people doing different parts but if he is not online the next part will not trigger. Becoming a territory lord is needed to make your clan lvl 11. The quest needs to be completed no later than 2 hours before the Territory War. The territory lord's clan emblem is automatically registered to all NPC's residing within their territory and 10% increase in seed sales and crop purchases will be added. The castle should have either no relation or contract status with all player owned fortresses in the territory (excluding a border fortress). If a fortress has claimed its independence within the territory, then the castle lord cannot be proclaimed as lord of the territory.

1  Start off by visiting Chamberlain Sayres found in the Throne room of Gludio Castle. He says you need to be recognized by local authorities so you need to meet with them. You need to appoint a representative to contact Blacksmith Pinter since getting his supprt should be enough.


2  Pinter needs supplies for territory restoration works and wants to be sure there won't be problems with transporting. Check back to Saius.


3  Sayres suggests you go and find out the location of missing goods so you should talk to Captain Bathis.


4  Bathis suspects that Headless Knight is responsible for the disappeared goods. To get him out you need to kill skeleton mobs at the Ruins of Agony and Ruins of Despair - Skeleton Trackers, Skeleton Tracker Leaders, Skeleton Scouts, Skeleton Bowmen, Ruin Spartoi, Raging Spartoi, Shield Skeletons, and Skeleton Infantymen. When you have killed Headless Knight and obtained Headless Knight's Armor go back to Bathis.

Ragingspartoi.jpg Runspartoi.jpg Shieldskeleton.jpg Skeletonbowman.jpg Skeletoninfantryman.jpg Skeletonscout.jpg Trackerskeleton.jpg Trackerskeletonleader.jpg

5  Return to Sayres when all problems have been resolved and he should have your reward.