Path to Becoming a Lord - Oren

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Minimum Level: - Party: Party/Solo
Start Location: Oren Castle Repeatable: -
Start NPC: Chamberlain Brasseur Updated to: Chaotic Throne 2 - Epilogue
Requirements: Clan lvl 4
Rewards: Territory benefits

NB  The clan leader needs to be online, not necessarily in party with all the people doing different parts but if he is not online the next part will not trigger. Becoming a territory lord is needed to make your clan lvl 11. The quest needs to be completed no later than 2 hours before the Territory War. The territory lord's clan emblem is automatically registered to all NPC's residing within their territory and 10% increase in seed sales and crop purchases will be added. The castle should have either no relation or contract status with all player owned fortresses in the territory (excluding a border fortress). If a fortress has claimed its independence within the territory, then the castle lord cannot be proclaimed as lord of the territory.

1  Start off by visiting Chamberlain Brasseur found in the Throne room of Oren Castle. He says you need to be recognized by the local authorities so he will tell you in a bit whom you should meet.


2  He sends you to Warehouse Chief Croop who is in charge of logistics. Croop is missing a Nebulite Orb that was sent to Ivory Tower. So you should send a representative to Freightman Marty at the Underground Shopping Level of Ivory Tower.

Croop1.jpg Marty1.jpg

3  Marty said he never got it so you should send someone to talk to Grand Magister Valleria on the second floor of the tower.


4  Seems Oel Mahums have been invading the area lately and they must have stolen the Orb. So inform Croop and see what he decides to do.

5  Croop says you should retrieve the orbs by killing Oel Mahums at Bandit Stronghold/Outlaw Forest - Oel Mahum, Oel Mahum Warrior, Oel Mahum Witch Doctor and Oel Mahum Transcender. Gather 300 Nebulite Orbs.

OelMahum.jpg OelMahumTranscender.jpg OelMahumWarrior.jpg OelMahumWitchDoctor.jpg

6  When you have the orbs, return to Croop. He gives you his trust so return to Brasseur for the reward.