Pavel's Last Research

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This quest was previously known as Pavel's Research and was a level 50-58 quest. To view the old quest guide, click here.

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Minimum Level: 70 Party:
Start Location: Pavel Ruins Repeatable: One-time
Start NPC: Suspicious-Looking Stack of Stones Updated to: Goddess of Destruction
Requirements: Resurrection of an Old Manager
Rewards: 1 030 825 adena, Sealed Phoenix Earring, 4 898 650 exp and 5 099 850 sp

by Archmage (updated by Jayla based on new level requirements)

This quest can start after you have finished Resurrection of an Old Manager at Pavel Ruins.

Note: Characters with stealth can do this quest by simply talking to NPCs. Without stealth the quest is extremely difficult.

1 Start at the Suspicious-Looking Stack of Stones at the center of the ruins. It is Atlanta, the golem manager you have made somewhat operational in Resurrection of an Old Manager.


Pavel002.jpg Pavel003.jpg

The first and third option give nothing.

Pavel003a.jpg Pavel003c.jpg

The second option continues the dialog.

Pavel003b.jpg Pavel004.jpg Pavel005.jpg

2 Go to Wendy, who is standing outside the complex.

Pavel006.jpg Pavel007.jpg Pavel008.jpg Pavel009.jpg Pavel010.jpg Pavel011.jpg

3 Go back to Atlanta, who gives you the Flower of Pavel to help restore Wendy's memory.

Pavel012.jpg Pavel013.jpg Pavel014.jpg

4 Wendy makes an effort to recall what happened.

Pavel015.jpg Pavel016.jpg Pavel017.jpg

5 While Wendy tries to remember, report to Yumi near the port spot. She gives you a lot of background information.

Pavel018.jpg Pavel019.jpg Pavel020.jpg Pavel021.jpg Pavel022.jpg Pavel023.jpg

6 Return to Wendy who tells you about the last study conducted here, the Arrival of Eternal Spring.

Pavel024.jpg Pavel025.jpg Pavel026.jpg Pavel027.jpg

7 Wendy tells you to ask Atlanta about it.

Pavel028.jpg Pavel029.jpg Pavel030.jpg Pavel031.jpg Pavel032.jpg Pavel033.jpg Pavel034.jpg Pavel035.jpg Pavel036.jpg

Activated projects are shown in a different color:


The research complex is defended by golems - lots of them!


8 Now it's fun time. Atlanta thought the southern entrance has fewer defenses but that does not really matter. The Weathermaster terminal device is located inside an area filled with agro golems with multiple hit points. If you don't have stealth it will be impossible to do this on your own.

In addition to all the defenses, the Weathermaster itself can hit you with a magical bolt. If the area debuffs you with bleed, don't let your hit points go too low!


What you have to do first is enter the password "ATL" by clicking on the letters.

Pavel039.jpg Pavel040.jpg Pavel041.jpg

Halt the Eternal Spring project.

Pavel042.jpg Pavel043.jpg Pavel044.jpg

Then go through all the available options at the terminal.

Pavel045.jpg Pavel046.jpg Pavel047.jpg Pavel048.jpg Pavel049.jpg

9 When done, go outside and talk to Atlanta again.

Pavel050.jpg Pavel051.jpg Pavel052.jpg

About the East and West Wings.

Pavel053.jpg Pavel054.jpg

And finally a map of the area.


Atlanta then sends you to Wendy.


10 Wendy asks you to check the nearby bookshelf.

Pavel057.jpg Pavel058.jpg Pavel059.jpg

She warned you about traps and the shelf can indeed hit you with a magical bolt, so make sure your hit points aren't low.

Pavel060.jpg Pavel061.jpg

Wendy does not know how to open the book and sends you to Yumi.


11 Yumi gives you the Key of Enigma to unlock the report.

Pavel063.jpg Pavel064.jpg Pavel065.jpg

Double click on the report to read it.

Pavel066.jpg Pavel067.jpg Pavel068.jpg

12 Confirm with Yumi that the password for the East Wing is "WDL" and give her back her key.

Pavel069.jpg Pavel070.jpg Pavel071.jpg

So you now have to repeat what you did at the North Wing.

Pavel072.jpg Pavel073.jpg Pavel074.jpg

13 It's the same procedure as before: The Weathermaster terminal is located inside an area filled with very tough agro golems.


When you somehow manage to reach it, enter the password "WDL" and then go through all the options.

Pavel075.jpg Pavel076.jpg Pavel077.jpg Pavel078.jpg Pavel079.jpg Pavel080.jpg Pavel081.jpg

When you click on the option "manage password" in the last dialog box, you can discover the password "N45" for the terminal at the West Hall.


You should then exhaust the rest of the dialog options.

Pavel083.jpg Pavel084.jpg Pavel085.jpg Pavel086.jpg Pavel087.jpg Pavel088.jpg Pavel089.jpg Pavel090.jpg

14 Having finished with the East Wing, return to Atlanta which, not surprisingly, tells you to go to the West Wing.

Pavel091.jpg Pavel092.jpg Pavel093.jpg Pavel094.jpg Pavel095.jpg

15 Repeat the drill with the final Weathermaster by entering the password "N45" and then going through all the dialog options.

Pavel096.jpg Pavel097.jpg Pavel098.jpg Pavel099.jpg Pavel100.jpg Pavel101.jpg Pavel102.jpg Pavel103.jpg Pavel104.jpg Pavel105.jpg Pavel106.jpg Pavel107.jpg Pavel108.jpg

16 After you have terminated all activities in the three wings, Atlanta appears to be inert...


...but something lies within the rubble!


17 Wendy may know something about it.

Pavel111.jpg Pavel112.jpg Pavel113.jpg Pavel114.jpg Pavel115.jpg Pavel116.jpg

This is the last message from Atlanta. I admit it somehow depressed me, as it seems we won't be seeing the Giants anytime soon!

Pavel117.jpg Pavel118.jpg

Wendy becomes herself again and tells you about Dr Chaos. He is actually located a bit further from her, but he refuses to talk to you - so much for a flesh-rending Gigantic Chaos Golem Raid Boss!

Pavel119.jpg Pavel120.jpg Pavel121.jpg Pavel122.jpg

18 Return to Yumi to report and get your reward.

Pavel123.jpg Pavel124.jpg Pavel125.jpg Pavel126.jpg Pavel127.jpg Pavel128.jpg Pavel129.jpg

The final quest reward after GoD update is 1 030 825 adena, Sealed Phoenix Earring, 4 898 650 exp and 5 099 850 sp.

Pavels god.jpg

Old rewards:


The reward has been confirmed even for a level 78 character.