Pavel the Giant

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This quest was previously a level 46 quest. To view the old quest guide, click here. Discuss or ask questions about this quest

Minimum Level: 70 Party: .
Start Location: Pavel Ruins Repeatable: .
Start NPC: newyear Updated to: Unknown
Requirements: none
Rewards: 346,320 Exp & 26,069 SP

by Elmar (updated by Jayla based on new level requirements

1) This quest, which can be picked up at level 70, starts with Head Blacksmith Newyear in Schuttgart.

Pavelthegiant1.jpg Pavelthegiant2.jpg

2) Newyear sends you to the Pavel Ruins to meet with Collector Yumi.

Pavelthegiant3.jpg Pavelthegiant4.jpg

3) As it is often the case in such quests, Newyear's description of how to find Yumi is misleading. The Dwarven encampment is not "in the heart of the Ruins of Pavel" but at their southern edge. The Ruins themselves are infested with aggressive golems, so I would recommend that you do not head straight south but take the eastern rim road to the location marked on your map.

Pavelthegiant5.jpg Pavelthegiant6.jpg

4) Yumi hints at problems with a mad scientist and his Horrifying Golem Army. For the time being she rewards you with 346,320 Exp & 26,069 SP. You can either pick up the Influx of Machines quest from Collector Gutenhagen, the bearded guy right next to Yumi, or you can pick up the Resurrection of an Old Manager quest from her.

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